Where is Lothringen in Germany?

Where is Lothringen in Germany?

Alsace-Lorraine, German Elsass-Lothringen, area comprising the present French départements of Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin, and Moselle. Alsace-Lorraine was the name given to the 5,067 square miles (13,123 square km) of territory that was ceded by France to Germany in 1871 after the Franco-German War.

Do they speak French in Alsace?

The official language of Alsace is French. That makes sense, as it’s in France. German, however, is taught in all schools, simply because the proximity to Germany means it’s a very practical necessity.

Is Alsace in France or Germany?


Alsace Elsàss (Alemannic German)
Country France
Territorial collectivity European Collectivity of Alsace
Prefecture Strasbourg
Departments 2 Bas-Rhin Haut-Rhin

What language is spoken in Alsace-Lorraine?

Elsasserditsch is the German dialect spoken in Alsace, while Lothringer Platt (or Francique) is spoken in the Moselle province of Lorraine, especially around the town Thionville. The written form of these dialects is High German.

Who controls Alsace-Lorraine?


Year(s) Event Ruled by
1618–1674 Louis XIII annexes portions of Alsace during the Thirty Years’ War, confirmed at the Peace of Westphalia Holy Roman Empire
1674–1871 Louis XIV annexes the rest of Alsace during the Franco-Dutch War, establishing full French sovereignty over the region Kingdom of France

Are French descended from Celts?

The modern French are the descendants of mixtures including Romans, Celts, Iberians, Ligurians and Greeks in southern France, Germanic peoples arriving at the end of the Roman Empire such as the Franks and the Burgundians, and some Vikings who mixed with the Normans and settled mostly in Normandy in the 9th century.

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