Where you can ask for assistance in your personal statement writing?

The personal statement is one of the main documents for admission to the Master’s programme abroad. It provides applicants with a great chance to show what they’re made in a convenient way. The primary target of this statement is to show admissions officers why the candidate wants to enter this university, why he/she believes that he/she will cope with the curriculum and what his/her future plans are.

As a rule, universities stipulate the maximum length of a personal statement, which should not exceed 300-1500 words. If the recommended volume is not specified, then you should follow the 1-page format, which is about 600-800 words.

A personal statement is distinct from any type of essay, as a rule, by lack of clearly posed questions, which gives an opportunity for flexibility in your statement writing. However, not all candidates are able to easily and naturally take over the attention of the admissions officers by their personal statement and convince them of the reliability of their own candidacy.

Before you settle down to your personal statement, it is strongly recommended to consider the answers to the following questions:

  • What is special, unique and impressive can you find in yourself or your biography?
  • What family issues, friends, or events in your life that influenced your character can help the admissions committee comprehend you better or stand out you among other candidates?
  • What are your main achievements? What difficulties did you encounter on your way to them?
  • Why could you be a stronger candidate and more successful than other applicants?

Obviously, in order to master such an impressive list and create a truly inspiring story, it will take a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, you have not even engaged in the design of your statement, grammar check and errors. A good design is more than half the success of your personal statement.

And so, you have mastered the idea, but where to find the strength to edit and correct the text? Here come the personal statement writer services.

The situation may be such that you don’t have already written, unedited essay, much less ideas for its writing. And what do you think, in this case where you should seek help? Yes, personal statement writer services come to the rescue again.

As it happens, a personal statement writing is a complicated process on which your future often depends. Few people want to risk their future for the sake of ambition, so people trust the writing of such essays to professionals. Unlike essay writing services, personal statement writing services provide slightly different services. Rarely, such services will write a personal statement to you without your participation. After all, a personal statement is very individual, and in order to write the truth for you, they need to know you perfectly well. Therefore, in general, such services often provide services for purchasing examples of personal statement writing, or they accompany you throughout the writing of such a statement.

In the first case, you buy several examples of ready-made, successful personal statements that will show you the basic principles of writing and will give some inspiration to write it. In the case, if you need full assistance in writing, such services will help you with the search for ideas, as well as the creation of a detailed plan. You will begin your work with consultations with experts of such services. They will carefully study your resume and profile as a whole and will advise you on how to tell about your talents and the achievements the admissions officers. At the output you will receive a detailed plan with specific theses for each paragraph of the document.

How it works?

You fill the form. You get a link for payment. Then you send all the necessary information about yourself (CV, outline) and you are assigned a Skype consultation date. At the consultation you are told what answers are expected by the admissions officers. Together you create your brand and highlight key points, select relevant examples from your experience. Your personal consultant fixes what exactly you need to write in each paragraph of your personal statement. You receive a package of individually written recommendations, following which you can easily write an excellent personal statement.

Or, after receiving all the information about you, on the basis of the data received, the initial version of your personal statement is made up to you. You are correcting the provided text. Basing on your comments, the author makes the final ready-made personal statement.

Thus, if you have any problems with your personal statement writing, you can contact the personal statement writer service without fear and risk. There professional writers will help you to write a strong personal statement for successful admission.

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