Which are the most innovative companies in the world?

Which are the most innovative companies in the world?

The World’s Most Innovative Companies

Rank Company Enterprise Value ($bil)
1 Salesforce.com 20.7
2 Amazon.com 92.7
3 Intuitive Surgical 13.4
4 Tencent Holdings 46.5

What is the rank of Thomson Reuters?

Thomson Reuters has been ranked 49th among 9,000 global companies in Refinitiv’s Diversity and Inclusion Top 100 2020 , which identifies top publicly traded companies across diversity, inclusion, people development, news and controversies.

Is Thomson Reuters a technology company?

We are technologists, accountants, editors, lawyers, and everything in between – from all over the world.

Who is the world leader in technology?

More than a third of technology industry leaders globally say the U.S. remains the world’s leading technology and innovation hub, according to KPMG’s 2018 global technology innovation survey.

What is the Global innovation 1000?

The Global Innovation 1000 study analyses spending at the world’s 1000 largest publicly listed corporate R&D spenders. The interactive data tool below lists the Top 25 largest corporate R&D spenders from the years 2012-2018 worldwide.

Which country has best AI?

Country Rank Score
Singapore 1 9.186
United Kingdom 2 9.069
Germany 3 8.810
United States of America 4 8.804

What is the most successful innovation ever created?

The Greatest Inventions In The Past 1000 Years

Invention Notes
1 Printing Press allowed literacy to greatly expand
2 Electric Light powered countless social changes
3 Automobile increased personal mobility and freedom
4 Telephone spread communication across wide areas

Who spends most on R&D?

Top R&D Spenders

  1. Samsung. R&D Spending: $14.9 billion.
  2. Alphabet. R&D Spending: $14.8 billion.
  3. Volkswagen. R&D Spending: $14.5 billion.
  4. Microsoft. R&D Spending: $13.6 billion.
  5. Huawei. R&D Spending: $12.5 billion.
  6. Intel. R&D Spending: $12 billion.
  7. Apple. R&D Spending: $10.7 billion.
  8. Roche. R&D Spending: $9.8 billion.

Where is India in AI?

India was ranked 8th in the top 10 countries by AI patent families, ahead of Russia and France. China is at the top spot, followed by the United States and Japan.

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