Who is the superintendent of Fort Worth ISD?

Who is the superintendent of Fort Worth ISD?

Superintendent Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner
Kent Paredes Scribner. Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner has led the Fort Worth Independent School District since 2015, where he serves more than 80,000 students and 10,000 employees.

Is Fort Worth ISD a state or local government?

The Fort Worth ISD is controlled locally through a Board of Education Trustees elected by voters within each district. Nine Trustees serve as single-member district representatives. All of the Trustees serve four-year terms without pay.

How much does the Austin ISD Superintendent make?


Name Department Salary
Meria Carstarphen Superintendent – Cac $283,412
Melvin Waxler Legal Services – Cac $186,832
Karen Sperry Superintendent – Cac $175,000
William Caritj Chief Performance Officer $175,000

How much does Houston ISD superintendent make?

a $350,000 yearly
On July 1, Millard House II becomes the new superintendent of the Houston Independent School District, with a three-year contract paying him a $350,000 yearly base salary, the chance to earn $150,000 in incentive pay a year, $25,000 dropped into a retirement fund for him each year and a one-time payment of $35,000 to …

Is Fort Worth ISD a good school district?

As a District, Fort Worth ISD continues to be rated MET Standard. This year, FWISD has 129 rated campuses.

Are Fort Worth schools closing?

Forecast: School’s Open. In the meantime, check your local weather to see if things will change.

How much does the superintendent of Round Rock ISD make?

The vote was 5-2 to approve Azaiez, the 48-year-old superintendent in the Donna school district in South Texas. He will start in Round Rock on July 5. He has a three-year contract with an annual salary of $350,000. Trustees Mary Bone and Danielle Weston voted against hiring Azaiez.

How much money do superintendents make in Texas?

As of Jul 2, 2022, the average annual pay for a School Superintendent in Texas is $74,317 a year.

Which school district pays the best in Texas?

Of 38 Houston-area school districts, Crosby ISD paid the highest average teacher salary in 2020-21, data shows.

Is Fort Worth ISD a good place to work?

Fort Worth ISD is a decent school district to work in because many of the schools are fairly nice and have good children. Although there are definitely some discipline problems that a teacher/substitute will have to deal with, overall the experience is satisfactory compared to other school districts of similar size.

How many teachers are in Fort Worth ISD?


Fort Worth Independent School District
Students 82,704
Teachers 5,600
Staff 11,330
Other information

Is Fwisd going virtual again?

Fort Worth ISD Will Offer Both ‘In-Person’ and ‘Virtual Learning’ This Fall. The Fort Worth Independent School District is taking “school choice” to a new level — offering parents two options in the 2020-21 school year: in-person instruction or virtual learning.

WHO IS DR hafedh azaiez?

Hafedh Azaiez,” RRISD Board Trustee Tiffanie Harrison said at the board meeting. Also in March, the board voted against a proposed separation agreement with Azaiez with a vote of 5-4. Azaiez was named the superintendent of the school district in June 2021. While on administrative leave, the RRISD board appointed Dr.

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