Who makes FMK?

Who makes FMK?

FMK Firearms
FMK Firearms is an American manufacturer of firearms located in California. It was founded in 2006 by Jim Pontillo. They are known for producing the FMK 9C1, the FMK AR1 Patriot, and the FMK AR1 Extreme….FMK Firearms.

Industry Arms Industry
Website http://www.fmkfirearms.com/

Is polymer lighter than aluminum?

There’s an obvious winner in this category. Polymer parts will nearly always weigh less than their metal counterparts, receivers especially. The average polymer receiver weighs around one pound, while aluminum receivers weigh about twice that.

Are FMK guns any good?

It functioned, felt great in the hand, ate different types of ammo, was accurate and in my opinion, looked darn cool. By the way, if you’re still wondering how patriotic FMK really is, the 9C1 comes with this super motivating back plate!

Which is better polymer or aluminum AR lower?

Both polymer and aluminum 80 lowers are worthy choices for any AR-15 build, and either lower will perform admirably for the average builder. Polymer lowers require a bit more patience and care during assembly, though they afford lower cost.

What are the benefits of polymers?

In bearing and wear applications, polymers provide extensive advantages over metals by allowing for lower power motors for moving parts due to lower frictional properties of polymer wear components compared to metals. The low frictional properties provide for less wear as well.

Are FMK Firearms any good?

The pistol was test-fired with a good supply of Remington UMC 9mm ammunition. This is a clean-burning and accurate combination that I have used often. The grip feels good — actually excellent — in the hand. The pistol isn’t slide heavy as many polymer frame guns are, which cause them to fire low.

Is a polymer lower lighter than aluminum?

What are the negative effects of polymers?

Polymers are not as toxic to people as the monomers they contain. But when cut, heated, or manipulated, polymers and their byproducts can release dangerous dust and vapors. Vinyl acetate in EVA may affect the heart, nervous system, and liver. It may reduce fertility in men.

Is polymer stronger than metal?

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a new material that is reportedly stronger than steel and light as plastic.

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