Who owns the Codfather Cape Town?

Who owns the Codfather Cape Town?

William Lekolane. From day one William has been an integral part of The Codfather restaurant’s success. As the chef at the helm he has been assisted many chefs and only create the most delectable dishes.

Who owns the Codfather?

George Sinovich
These are the words of The Codfather owner, George Sinovich, when asked to describe his brand. And George should know. He has been in the fish business for over 35 years.

What does Codfather mean?

The ‘Codfather’ was a seafood kingpin, until fake Russian mobsters took him down.

How much is a platter for 1 at Ocean Basket?

Ocean Basket Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
Full Deck Platter (30 prince prawns, mussels, calamari, calamari steak strips, fish) 543.00
Platters For One
Bite of the Ocean (3 prince prawns, fish, calamari) 134.00
Platter For 1 (3 mussels, 6 prince prawns, fish, calamari) 170.00

Who owns Riboville?

Tintswalo At Waterfall, a short drive from Johannesburg, has been acquired by entrepreneur and restauranteur of the Codfather name, George Sinovich, and will now be known as Riboville.

How much is a platter for 3 at Ocean Basket?

How much is the platter for 2 at Ocean Basket?

There are no rules on how to enjoy our Platter for 2. craving break on through, for only R310. Explore our value meals: https://oceanbasket.

How much is a platter for 4 at Ocean Basket?

Feed a family of 4 for only R360 at Ocean Basket.

Who is the owner of Ocean Basket?

Fats Lazarides
Fats Lazarides & Grace Harding (Founder & CEO of Ocean Basket)

How many restaurants does Ocean Basket have?

Ocean Basket has expanded to a franchise group consisting of 203 stores in 16 countries, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malta and Cyprus, with expansion plans firmly in place for a further 76 stores, many breaking into new markets in Kazakhstan, Oman and Qatar.

How many restaurants does Ocean Basket have in South Africa?

166 Ocean Basket locations
The concept caught on quickly and today there are 166 Ocean Basket locations in South Africa alone, with others in Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Mauritius, Cyprus and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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