Who played Alan Kirby in the bill?

Who played Alan Kirby in the bill?

Got quite a trivia in this episode as well: Guy who plays drug dealer Alan Kirby is played by the brother of James Barriscale: the one who played the “real” Gabriel Kent, who PC Kent impersonated. One who plays Peter guy with temper used to be Jay Henderson (some lottery winning family).

Who played Kim Palmer in the bill?

Alison Newman
Alison Newman: Kim Palmer.

Who played DS Viv hunt in the bill?

The second of two episodes featuring Allie Byrne as the psychological profiler D.S. Viv Hunt.

Who played David Clayton the bill?

He is best known for his work as Lucifer in Supernatural, Paul Bennett in Dexter, Jacob in Lost, Bishop in Being Human, and Deputy Bill Standall in 13 Reasons Why. He also recurred in the role of Clayton Haas in the ABC thriller Quantico….

Mark Pellegrino
Children 2

What happens to Cass Rickman in the bill?

Tragically, Cass met her untimely end as the final victim of the Sun Hill Serial Killer in late 2002, much to the devastation of all her colleagues and friends, especially her dearest friend, P.C. Nick Klein who sadly missed the opportunity to tell her how about his true feelings for her.

Who gave Torres the sunglasses on NCIS?

It was later revealed that Reeves had given the sunglasses to Torres, causing Torres to miss him.

Why did they get rid of Clayton Reeves on NCIS?

It’s even more disheartening when we consider the behind-the-scenes reason for his exit. In an interview with TV Line, Henry revealed that his character’s departure from “NCIS” was related to the death of late showrunner Gary Glasberg.

Who killed CAS in The Bill?

The Canley River Murders was a case surrounding a serial killer in The Bill. The suspect was Patricia ‘Pat’ Kitson, the sister of Simon Kitson, a journalist in a relationship with PC Cass Rickman; who was the final of six victims. The storyline ran between Episode 024 and Episode 077.

Who was the Sun Hill sniper?

Jason Hardy
It turned out that the sniper was Jason Hardy, an ex-Navy friend of Kent’s and that Kent himself was a conspirer to the three murders the sniper had carried out. Kent held many grievances against criminals in the community and supplied the names of the three victims to Hardy and it was Hardy who pulled the trigger.

What is the last episode of The Bill?

RespectThe Bill / Latest episode

What happens to Rosie Fox in the bill?

After an explosion, Eddie was concerned to be faced with Rosie Fox who had been made up to D.S. since they had last met. Attempting to conceal his involvement with the Orton’s, Eddie rowed with his ex girlfriend and accidentally pushed her down the stairs, killing her.

What happened to Nick Slater in the bill?

He left Sun Hill to join SO10 after a number of successful undercover operations.

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