Who was the last Cardinal to pitch a no-hitter?

Who was the last Cardinal to pitch a no-hitter?

Ted Breitenstein threw the first no-hitter in Cardinals franchise history on his first major league start on October 4, 1891 when the team was known as the “St. Louis Browns”; the most recent no-hitter was thrown by Bud Smith on September 3, 2001.

How many no-hitters have the Cardinals had?

Taking the start of the Cardinals as the year they joined the National League, 1892, the team has only seen nine no-hitters in its history, and no perfect games.

Who pitched a no-hitter and lost the game?

Ken Johnson
Big Days in Astros History – April 23, 1964 – Ken Johnson throws a no-hitter… and loses! The big, easy-going, 230-pounder was told he had become the first pitcher in the annals of baseball to pitch a nine-inning no-hitter and lose.

Which Cardinal pitched the first no-hitter in major league history?

On August 14, 1971, St. Louis Cardinals ace Bob Gibson throws the first no-hitter of his storied career. Gibson’s heroics helped his team sail to an 11-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Did Bob Gibson throw a perfect game?

He won all 12 starts in June and July, pitching a complete game every time, (eight of which were shutouts), and allowed only six earned runs in 108 innings pitched (a 0.50 ERA). Gibson pitched 47 consecutive scoreless innings during this stretch, at the time the third-longest scoreless streak in major league history.

How many pitchers have multiple no-hitters?

At the time he joined Cy Young as the only two pitchers to ever throw a no-hitter in each league, though Nolan Ryan, Hideo Nomo, and Randy Johnson all now share that distinction.

What Dodger pitcher has the most no-hitters?

At the time, Koufax’s four no-hitters was the major league record for any pitcher, but it was later surpassed in 1981 by Nolan Ryan. Sam Kimber threw the first no-hitter in Dodgers history on October 4, 1884, which ended as a scoreless tie after ten innings.

Was Bob Gibson the best pitcher ever?

1968 was the year if the pitcher. It was the year Bob Gibson set the ERA record of 1.12 that stands to this day. He pitched 13 shoutouts, 28 complete games and stuck out 268 batters. Statically, it is probably his greatest season ever.

What pitcher holds the record for no-hitters?

Nolan Ryan
The pitcher who holds the record for the most no-hitters, with seven in his career, is Nolan Ryan.

What pitcher has thrown the most no-hitters?

Here’s the list, starting with the pitcher whose no-hitter total stands alone — Nolan Ryan, who threw seven.

  • Nolan Ryan (7) May 1, 1991 TEX vs.
  • Sandy Koufax (4) Sept.
  • Justin Verlander (3) Sept.
  • Bob Feller (3) July 1, 1951 CLE vs.
  • Cy Young (3) June 30, 1908 BOS at NYY.
  • Larry Corcoran (3)
  • Mike Fiers (2)
  • Jake Arrieta (2)

What MLB pitcher has the most no-hitters?

What MLB pitchers have the most no-hitters?

The pitcher who holds the record for the most no-hitters is Nolan Ryan, who threw seven in his 27-year career.

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