Who won the male 2012 Summer Olympics?

Who won the male 2012 Summer Olympics?

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps of the United States became the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, winning his 22nd medal….2012 Summer Olympics.

Emblem of the 2012 Summer Olympics; other colour variants are shown below
Host city London, England, United Kingdom
Nations 204 (including IOA team)

Who lit the 2012 Olympic cauldron?

People who have lit the Olympic cauldron

Games Location Lighter
2012 Summer London Cameron MacRitchie
2014 Winter Sochi Irina Rodnina
Vladislav Tretiak
2016 Summer Rio de Janeiro Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima (stadium cauldron)

Who performed at the end of the 2012 Olympics?

It concluded with an appearance by Pelé, who was wearing a Brazilian football shirt with his name and the number 10 on the back and a 3D inflated model of Rio’s logo.

Who light up the Olympic torch?

The torch relay has been a surefire way to bring a spark to the Olympics Opening Ceremony, as runners from around the globe carry the flame to the host city and light up the Olympic cauldron. It’s an honor that’s been given to a 12-year-old schoolgirl and a Crown Prince alike.

Who lit Olympic Flame 2021?

player Naomi Osaka
Japan’s tennis player Naomi Osaka carries the Olympic torch in the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in Tokyo, on July 23, 2021. Osaka was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and a Haitian father. Her family moved when Osaka was 3 to New York, eventually settling in Florida.

Who has performed at the Olympics?

9: The Chicks: Ready To Run (Salt Lake City, 2002)

  • 8: kd lang: Hallelujah (Vancouver, 2010)
  • 7: 2,008 drummers: The Song-Fou (Beijing 2008)
  • 6: Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury: Barcelona (Barcelona, 1992)
  • 5: John Williams: Olympic Fanfare (Los Angeles, 1984)
  • 4: Luciano Pavarotti: Nessun Dorma (Turin, 2006)
  • Which country had their first ever female competitor in the 2012 Summer Olympics?

    The 2012 Games marked the first time Qatar sent female athletes to the Olympic Games; following the 2008 Summer Olympics, it had been one of only three countries, along with Saudi Arabia and Brunei, to never have done so.

    Who is the most beautiful male athlete in the Olympics?

    Here are some of the most noteworthily beautiful Olympic male athletes from all over the globe (in no particular order). 1. Mark McMorris, Canada, Snowboarding What’s more impressive than his snowboarding is his smoldering eyes and boyish charm.

    Was this aerial shot of the Olympic road race intended to?

    This aerial shot of the Olympic road race was intended to give viewers at home a bird’s eye view of the action. Instead, it gave viewers at home a bird’s eye view of some dude’s “action”.

    Who is the Waterfield guy at the Olympics?

    Is it attached to anything or have London’s hobos been kidnapped and tasked with pouring water on the athletes during the swimming and diving competitions from some location high above the stands? And who is P. Waterfield? Our best guess he’s the guy giving Tom Daley a friendly reach around from somewhere behind that blue wall.

    Why do we love the Winter Olympics so much?

    The Winter Olympics. Once every four years, we all sit down and become professional skiing, snowboarding, and figure skating critics and announcers, even though most of us can’t ski or skate for our lives. Watching the Olympics is a great time for many reasons: the competition, pride in your country, suspense, record-breaking athleticism, etc.

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