Why is Amir not loyal to Hassan?

Why is Amir not loyal to Hassan?

Amir never treated Hassan as if he was a true friend, and betrays Hassan multiple times in the novel by not willing to help Hassan and pushing him away. In chapter 7, Amir watches Hassan get raped but does not go to rescue Hassan, despite being Amir’s best friend and always helping Amir when he needed help.

Why does Amir resent Hassan?

Amir sees Hassan as his servant and feels no need to treat him well. Amir also treats Hassan badly because he resents and is jealous of Baba’s affection for Hassan; Baba doesn’t express much affection for Amir, and his feeling of rejection brings out the worst in him. Why doesn’t Amir help Hassan in the alley?

How does Amir show his loyalty to Hassan?

The first true moment of this loyalty is in Chapter 22, when Amir gets beaten up by Assef while trying to rescue Sohrab. Amir also shows loyalty to Sohrab on page 320 when he asks him, “Would you like to come live in America with me and my wife?” By taking Sohrab in as his own, Amir is also showing loyalty to Hassan.

How did Amir mistreat Hassan?

Though the slingshot was used for protection Amir used it as a intimidation device to abuse Hassan and show him who’s boss and that’s why Hassan could never fight back both because Hassan actually cared for Amir and because Amir had a weapon to use against him.

How does Amir and Hassan’s relationship change?

The End of a Friendship Following Amir’s failure to help Hassan, the boys’ friendship deteriorates. It is clear that Hassan is still suffering from the attack, and Amir cannot bear to see this, as it makes him feel too guilty for his failure to intervene. When Hassan tries to rekindle their friendship, Amir refuses.

Why is Amir jealous Hassan?

Amir sees Hassan as a threat to his relationship between him and his father, which is spurred by his jealous nature. He wants his father to only show him attention and not show Hassan father-like love.

Why does Amir get jealous of Hassan?

How does Amir react to Hassan’s different behavior?

Amir doesn’t like Hassan’s efforts to rekindle, Amir doesn’t want to interact with Hassan, Amir gets mad when Hassan doesn’t retaliate to anyone harming him, Amir doesn’t like when Hassan is too loyal to him. At the end of chapter 8, Amir witnesses a disturbing scene.

What does The Kite Runner say about loyalty?

You can’t be loyal only when it serves you.” In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini expresses a main idea about loyalty. Throughout the story, the author shows us that a way to be good is to be loyal to family and friends.

Is loyalty a flaw in The Kite Runner?

While loyalty is an important quality to aspire for, being too loyal has deleterious effects on one’s own health, both physically and psychologically, which can be proven through the analysis of Hassan’s character, as well as through the symbol of the kite.

Why does Hassan’s friendship and loyalty bother Amir so much?

Why is Amir afraid to be Hassan’s true friend? Amir resents Hassan’s bravery. Amir’s own cowardliness ironically parallels his father’s, who betrayed Ali in fathering Hassan. Amir sees a closeness Baba has with Hassan but it is not discussed, and his resentment festers.

Why does Amir not want Hassan’s friend?

Amir didn’t call Hassan his friend, throughout the whole book, the main reason for this was that Hassan was a Hazara. The Hazaras are the second class and they must serve to the higher class, like Hassan does to Amir’s family.

What is the word Amir teases Hassan about?

Whenever Hassan does something that earns Baba’s love and respect, Amir lashes out at him in his thoughts. If Hassan is better at something than Amir, like solving riddles, Amir stops doing it. If Amir knows something Hassan doesn’t, such as vocabulary words, Amir teases him for his ignorance.

How does Amir feel about Hassan?

Though Hassan is Amir’s best friend, Amir feels that Hassan, a Hazara servant, is beneath him. When Hassan receives Baba’s attention, Amir tries to assert himself by passive-aggressively attacking Hassan. He mocks Hassan’s ignorance, for instance, or plays tricks on him.

How is betrayal shown in The Kite Runner?

Amir commits several betrayals, all of which involve Hassan or his family. In Amir’s attempt to prove himself to his father and to himself, he throws Hassan under the bus. Even when Amir attempts to redeem himself by saving Hassan’s son, he commits another betrayal by abandoning Hassan’s son.

What does for you a thousand times over mean in The Kite Runner?

It signified the loyalty, dedication, and friendship of Hassan and Amir as children when Hassan said it on page 67. With this single line it feels as though all has been forgiven.

Why do Amir and Hassan have a strained relationship?

From Amir’s perspective, his friendship with Hassan is filled with tension: He is jealous that Hassan is the type of boy that his father values, but he also loves and values Hassan as the only person who appears to genuinely care for him.

Why do you think Amir is jealous of Hassan?

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