Why is my WhatsApp call saying unavailable?

Why is my WhatsApp call saying unavailable?

Unavailable means that the person you’re calling on Whatsapp might have switched OFF their data connection/wifi. When Not Answered, it means their data/wi-fi is ON but they are not answering your call / don’t want to answer / simply ignoring it. These are the possibility that can happen in your case.

In which countries is WhatsApp call unavailable?

Only five countries in the world have banned WhatsApp in some capacity: China, North Korea, Syria, Qatar and the UAE. Most of those countries ban WhatsApp for security and political reasons, while others want to promote local telecommunication companies.

When you call someone and it says the person you have called is unavailable?

If the person doesn’t have voicemail set up then you get the unavailable message.

Why can’t I make international calls on WhatsApp?

3. It’s Only Available On Limited Devices. Since its an app and you need the internet to make calls, not all devices can be used with WhatsApp for international calling. You can’t call from, or make calls, to landline and mobile numbers abroad.

How do you know if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp?

Being blocked by someone

  1. You can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window.
  2. You do not see updates to a contact’s profile photo.
  3. Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark (message sent), and never show a second check mark (message delivered).

How do you know if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

How much time it takes to unbanned WhatsApp number?

Temporary suspensions If your account has been temporarily suspended, you’ll see a timer on your WhatsApp account indicating how much longer you’ll have to wait before you have access to your conversations. Generally these suspensions last 24 to 48 hours, or in severe cases they may be several days.

How do I enable WhatsApp calling?

We’ve described these below, so take a look to enable voice calling on WhatsApp for Android.

  1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android from here.
  2. Once you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your Android phone, ask someone who has WhatsApp calling enabled to make a WhatsApp call to your number.

Can I WhatsApp someone in another country?

Luckily, as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi, WhatsApp chats will always be free. Also, while you can be charged a fee per text message using your standard cellular service abroad, or be held to a limited amount of texts, your WhatsApp messages operate over your data plan.

How do u know if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp?

Can someone block you on WhatsApp without you knowing?

Can you block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing? You can block a person on WhatsApp without them knowing. WhatsApp doesn’t notify the person that he/she has been blocked. Also, the blocked contact will no longer be able to see your last seen online, profile picture, status, and various other updates you make.

When you block someone on WhatsApp what do they see?

Someone you’ve blocked on WhatsApp will no longer be able to see when you were last online and will see that their messages were sent but not delivered. There’s no direct way for someone you’ve blocked to know you’ve blocked them. Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

Why am I temporarily banned from WhatsApp?

If you received an in-app message stating your account is “Temporarily banned” this means that you’re likely using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app or are suspected of harvesting information in unacceptable ways, also known as scraping.

How can I unlock my banned WhatsApp number?

Permanent Ban WhatsApp Ban Could be Irreversible A permanent ban could be irreversible, unless a user is banned by mistake. The only option a user has upon facing permanent ban is to write to contact support stating valid reasons as to why their account must be unbanned.

What happens when someone blocks you on WhatsApp?

You do not see updates to a contact’s profile photo. Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark (message sent), and never show a second check mark (message delivered). Any calls you attempt to place will not go through.

How can you tell if someone blocked your calls?

If you make a call and receive an automated message along the lines of “the customer is unavailable,” that person’s wireless carrier may have blocked you. The messages can vary, but the result is the same. Your call won’t go through. Again, a blocked number isn’t the only reason for a message like this.

Why does WhatsApp say “unavailable” when I try to call someone?

The only reason why it says “UNAVAILABLE” when you try to call the person on WhatsApp is because he/she must have blocked you on his/her phone.

Why is my WhatsApp calling so laggy?

If, after trying everything, WhatsApp calls still continue to lag or you are unable to hear the other person, then the problem might be on their end only. Try calling someone else and see how things go for them. Also, WhatsApp calling is blocked in some countries like the UAE. So if you are trying to call people over there, you might face issues.

Why am I not receiving notifications for WhatsApp calls?

If you aren’t receiving notifications for WhatsApp calls, the notification settings might have changed. To fix it on Android, open Settings > Apps > WhatsApp. Tap on Notifications. Enable notifications. You will also see Call notifications.

What is WhatsApp voice call?

WhatsApp first found fame as a chatting app. It allows users to send text messages to anyone around the world. Later on, it introduced a voice call feature bringing it head to head with apps like Skype and Viber. This latest addition allows people to talk to each other from opposite sides of the world at no additional cost.

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