Will there be a World of Concrete in 2021?

Will there be a World of Concrete in 2021?

After discussions with key stakeholders and feedback from industry-leading concrete & masonry associations, World of Concrete made the proactive decision to reschedule WOC 2021 from January to June 8-10, with educational offerings June 7-10, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

What are the dates for the World of Concrete?

World of Concrete 2022 will adhere to Informa AllSecure health and safety standards, as well as guidance from local authorities, and any venue or location-specific regulations….1/17/2022 to 1/20/2022.

When: Monday-Thursday, January 17-20, 2021
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada United States

How much does it cost to go to World of Concrete 2021?

Choose from over 170 seminars, hands-on training, interactive workshops, certification programs and targeted industry training sessions….World of Concrete 2022 Education Pricing.

Education Pricing Before Dec 13, 2021 After Dec 13, 2021
WOC 3-Hour Seminars $160 $190
WOC 90-Minute Seminars $115 $145

How many exhibitors are at World of Concrete?

WOC attracts approximately 1,500 exhibiting companies and occupies more than 700,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit space.

Can anyone go to World of Concrete?

During normal show hours, persons 17 years old and under will be admitted only with parental supervision – children 17 years of age and under will NOT be admitted into seminar meeting rooms. THIS RULE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. Persons 18 years old and over must register and pay in order to receive a badge.

Is conexpo open to public?

Can anyone attend the show? Yes, we encourage all industry professionals and guests to attend CONEXPO-CON/AGG. There is no invitation required.

How much does it cost to get into World of Concrete?

Exhibits-Only rates: $25 online thru 12/13/21; $105 after. Cosponsor Education Pricing: If purchased by 12/13/21, advance education pricing applies; higher rates go into effect after .

What should I wear to the World of Concrete?

Business casual and dressing comfortably with comfortable shoes is key to an enjoyable World of Concrete. Construction gear or suit and tie is a No, No. Bring your most comfortable shoes – The average World of Concrete attendee will clock in approximately 3 – 4 miles a day walking the exhibit space alone.

How much does it cost to attend World of Concrete?

Your Cost: $95 $25. Don’t miss the commercial construction industry’s first, largest and most important annual event for concrete and masonry professionals worldwide!

When did World of Concrete start?

The first WOC drew a total of 1550 attendees and 71 exhibitors. Cost of entry to the exhibition area at the first World of Concrete in 1975: $3. With one show under their belt, WOC officials were still fine-tuning the event but promised a bigger and better show in 1976.

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