Are EdenPURE heaters worth it?

Are EdenPURE heaters worth it?

In Consumer Reports space heater tests, the large EdenPure Gen4, $397, was mediocre at room heating and worse at spot heating. But as the company claims, it was very quiet and was also cool enough to safely touch. Other brands in our tests got hot enough to cause a burn.

Are EdenPURE heaters expensive to run?

According to their specifications, they use 12800 watts per hour (that’s 1.28 kilowatt hours for every hour). If the heater runs eight hours while you are home, in one room, that can equal 10.2 kilowatt hours per day or $1.40 per day. In one month, that can add $42 to your electric bill.

Are EdenPURE heaters safe?

The EdenPURE® has no exposed heating elements. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 45,300 residential fires every year are associated with the use of space heaters, causing more than 190 deaths.

Where are EdenPURE heaters made?

6. “I’d like to announce officially the EdenPURE manufacturing has been moved from China to here in North Canton,” said Suarez, founder and CEO of Suarez Corp. Industries, which manufactures the EdenPURE products.

Are EdenPURE Energy Efficient?

EdenPURE claims it uses a copper coil to reduce harsh heat. This actually makes their heater less efficient. You can put a sheet of copper in front of your heater and buffer the heat with an electric heater.

What type of heater is EdenPURE?

A You decide. The $400 EdenPure is a space heater, and it does the same job as a $60 electric space heater. You might think the EdenPure is worth the money because of all the advantages it claims to offer, but those don’t always hold up. The ads say it’s new technology, an advancement in space heating.

Who owns EdenPURE?

Suarez Corporation Industries
Based in North Canton, Ohio along the I-77 corridor, EdenPURE® is a division of Suarez Corporation Industries. The company has served millions of customers over their 40+ years in business as a multi-channel marketing company.

What type of heater is EdenPure?

Where is EdenPure made?

North Canton, Ohio

Does Walmart carry EdenPURE heaters?

EdenPURE Efficient Home 1500W Classic Infrared Heater with Remote Control, Black –

Who owns EdenPure?

Does EdenPURE really save money?

Ads also claim the EdenPure lowers heating bills by up to 50 percent. Your “heating bill,” as in your cost for gas, may go down, but your electric bill will go up. Whether you will come out ahead depends, among other things, on how much you use the heater and the price you pay for electricity.

Who invented the EdenPURE heater?

John Jones designed his heating source around the three most important consumer benefits: economy, comfort, and safety.

Where is EdenPURE made?

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