Are HHKB keyboards worth it?

Are HHKB keyboards worth it?

The HHKB Pro is worth the price to me because the keyboard is unique. No other keyboard combines in a 60% form factor the design elegance of the HHKB. The layout is the best I have ever used. The symmetry is pleasing.

What is the best HHKB?

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB): Best Wireless Topre Keyboard

  • HHKB: One of the Most Popular Keyboards with Topre.
  • Adjustable Features.
  • Non-Standard Layout.
  • Topre Keyboard with a Wireless Option.
  • A Compact 65% Layout.
  • PBT Keycaps and Mini-USB.
  • FC660C Keyboard Sounds.
  • Only Topre Keyboard with RGB.

What switches does the HHKB use?


Model HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S (White/Printed Keycaps)
Key Travel 3.8 mm
Key Pitch 19.05 mm
Key Switches Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Silent Key Switches
Key Switch Structure Rubber Dome, Conical Spring, Silent Membrane

What is good about HHKB?

Reduce the distance between keys so typists wouldn’t have to stretch their fingers constantly. (Being able to adjust the keyboard’s height can also help the wrists sit in a more natural position.) The HHKB’s unique, minimalist layout allows typists to keep their fingers close to the home row at all times.

Is HHKB layout good?

With a sophisticated and specialized key layout, programmers can rely on their HHKB for long days and nights of typing. In combining this unique layout with the compact size, unique ergonomic design, as well as the smooth feel and touch of the Topre switches, there is no other keyboard.

Do you need to lube HHKB?

While the HHKB Professional series build quality and manufacturing specifications are generally very high out of the box, many users prefer to lubricate the moving parts on their Happy Hacking Keyboards to provide an even smoother, quieter typing experience.

What is the point of HHKB layout?

This game changing HHKB key layout has been recognized by programmers and developers because it alleviates any finger strain or fatigue, as well as increases typing speed and accuracy. With a sophisticated and specialized key layout, programmers can rely on their HHKB for long days and nights of typing.

How do you lubricate a HHKB keyboard?

You can apply a very light coating of your slider lubricant to the outer edges of the stabilizer slider where it makes contact with the housing. Use the same lubricant you use on your non-stabilized sliders.

Is HHKB ergonomic?

Ergonomics are at the core of HHKB’s design. The ultra-compact 60-key Tenkeyless format eliminates every unnecessary, difficult to reach key.

Should you lube HHKB?

Is HHKB the best layout?

The hhkb is one of the worst keyboards for tracking and is only second to ergonomic designs that split the keyboard, and keyboards where delete/insert are unavailable entirely.

What is krytox 205g0?

Krytox GPL 205 grade 0 is a high performance grease that is extensively utilized to lubricate mechanical keyboard switches, controller components and joysticks. Due to the viscosity of the grease, GPL 205 is recommended for linear-switches and Topre.

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