Are San Jose Sharks a good team?

Are San Jose Sharks a good team?

One wouldn’t think the 2021-22 San Jose Sharks are among the league’s most dangerous teams. After all, they sit in bubble territory, currently out of a playoff spot. The odds are against them making a run to the postseason. This hardly sounds like a dangerous team.

Who scored in the Sharks game tonight?

Sharks’ Scott Reedy: Tips in power-play goal Reedy scored a power-play goal on two shots in Thursday’s 5-4 overtime loss to the Oilers. Reedy got a piece of a Brent Burns shot to tip in the Sharks’ third goal of the game. Reedy’s been good over the last two weeks with five goals and an assist in nine games.

What place are the San Jose Sharks in?


11 Jets 23-15-3
12 Sharks 18-18-5
13 Ducks 17-19-5
14 Blackhawks 14-21-6

Who is the San Jose Sharks best player?

San Jose Sharks ‑ All‑Time NHL Leaders

per Game
Rk Name P/GP
1 Patrick Marleau 0.691
2 Joe Thornton 0.956
3 Joe Pavelski 0.790

Who is the best hockey player on the Sharks?

Evander Kane
San Jose Sharks @ NHL – 2020‑2021 Stats

per 60 Power-Play
Rk Name PPG/60
1 Evander Kane 1.157
2 Tomas Hertl 1.821
3 Logan Couture 0.883

Who scored 7 goals in the NHL?

Maurice Joseph “Phantom Joe” Malone
And only one player in history has ever scored seven goals in an NHL game—Maurice Joseph “Phantom Joe” Malone. Malone, skating for the Quebec Bulldogs, set the record more than 90 years ago, on Jan. 31, 1920, to be exact. Malone was the NHL’s first star in its inaugural 1917-18 season.

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