Can exotropia come back?

Can exotropia come back?

Background. Recurrent or persistent exodeviation may occur in patients with intermittent exotropia following surgical treatment [1,2,3,4]. Patients with intermittent exotropia who underwent surgical treatment generally experience postoperative exodrift over time [5].

What is consecutive exotropia?

Consecutive exotropia (XT) is a manifest exotropia that develops either spontaneously or after optical or surgical treatment in a patient that formerly had esotropia (ET). [1–6] It has been reported in 4% to 27% of patients after surgical treatment of esotropia.

Can strabismus surgery go wrong?

The error rate in strabismus surgery was 1 error for every 2506 (95% CI, 2128-2941) cases. The mean error rate for individual surgeons was 1 in 909 (95% CI, 714-1316) cases.

What are consecutive exotropias?

Consecutive exotropias refers to a divergent strabismus that has occurred following surgery for an esotropia. The most common scenario is an adult who had surgery as a child for an infantile or partially accommodative esotropia, whose eyes were straight for many years, but who in later life developed goes on to develop a divergent strabismus.

What is the average age of surgery for consecutive exotropia?

The surgery for consecutive exotropia had been performed at a mean age of 35.92 ± 18.26 years. In 19 of these patients, surgery of consecutive exotropia involved at least one previously operated extraocular muscle, and the mean interval to the previous surgery was 25.67 ± 16.14 years.

Does strabismus surgery with consecutive exotropia improve binocularity in adults?

Conclusion: Performing strabismus surgery with consecutive exotropia results in restoration of some binocularity in a large number of patients, even in adults, and should be considered as a possibility. The dose-effect is comparable to conventional surgery of exotropia.

What is the time duration between esotropia and exotropia?

Consecutive exotropias are much more common than consecutive esotropias. Most of the previous studies have shown time duration of 8.7-30 years between surgeries for esotropia to exotropia.

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