Can you keep a green spotted puffer in freshwater?

Can you keep a green spotted puffer in freshwater?

Are green spotted puffers freshwater fish? GSPs can live in freshwater as juveniles but must eventually become acclimated to brackish conditions as adults.

What fish can go with green spotted puffer?

Green Spotted Puffer Care Some possible companions are: mollies, scats, monos, archerfish, bumblebee gobies, and other GSPs. Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease – Diagnose, Symptoms and Treatment – Be sure to quarantine, as they are wild caught and often come in with parasites.

Can spotted puffer fish live in freshwater?

Spotted puffer fish are sold as “freshwater puffers.” And in parts of their range, they do sometimes live in freshwater. However, they really do their best in brackish water — water with some salt in it, but less than full-strength seawater.

What can you keep with puffer fish?

5 Best Tank Mates for Figure 8 Puffer Fish in 2022

  • Mollies (Poecilia sphenops) – Best for Small Tanks.
  • Gobies (Gobiidae)
  • Clown plecos (Panaque maccus)
  • Snails (Architaeniolossa Ampurllariidae)
  • Harlequin rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorphic)

How fast do green spotted puffers grow?

If you bought a tiddler an inch long, he should be 2-3 inches within a year. Growth slows down a lot after that, but should be about adult size within three years.>

Can you put puffer fish in a tropical tank?

Most species will be fine in a tank with a low water current (the filter will produce enough of a water current) and a dKH between 8-12. Puffer fish are generally very sensitive to deteriorating water conditions and very susceptible to levels of nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia in the water.

Can puffer fish live with other fish?

Some species, like Dwarf, Redeye and Golden Puffers, can be kept together or with other fast-moving fish like danios. Others, such as Mekong, Nile and Mbu Puffers, must be kept solitary. For the most part, freshwater puffers should be considered species tank fish.

Do pea puffers eat plants?

Diet. In their natural habitat, Pea Puffer Fish feed on small amounts of microscopic algae, insects, larvae, copepods, and water fleas. Within an aquarium, try to feed a diet of live and frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, cyclops, small shrimps, and snails.

Do Pea Puffers eat plants?

Can green spotted puffers live in a community tank?

In summary: Green Spotted Puffers are not community fish. They should not be in community tanks, even large ones. Also, they are brackish water fish. Sometimes they are kept in freshwater as juveniles, but need to move to brackish eventually. Do you know what type of water the fish store where you purchased them had them in?

How big do green spotted puffer fish get?

How big does a green spotted puffer get? GSPs are thick, powerful fish that require a lot of space. Although they only grow to around six inches in length as adults, the minimum tank size for a single puffer is 30 gallons. However, 55 gallons is preferred and will allow your fish optimal room for swimming and exploring.

How big of a tank does a puffers need?

They should be kept in large aquariums, with no less than 30 gallons per puffer, as they grow to be six inches. A big issue with these fish is the question of tank mates. Some have reported success in keeping the Green Spotted puffers with the Figure Eight Puffer, which when young looks very similar to the Green Spotted Puffer.

Can puffer fish live with other fish in a tank?

Some puffer owners keep a pair of puffers in a tank 55-gallons or larger, and some owners even have success keeping their puffer with other fish species that tolerate brackish water. However, the potential for conflict always exists whenever your puffer is housed with other fish, and the risk hardly seems worth it.

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