Can you play Kotor in widescreen?

Can you play Kotor in widescreen?

Browse to your KOTOR installation in the game installation folder section. Afterwards, set your screen resolution in the New Resolution section, I made mine 1920 for screen width and 1080 for height. Once you are finished go ahead and hit the patch button and exit the program.

What is flawless widescreen?

Flawless Widescreen 1.0. Flawless Widescreen aims to simplify craft fixes and patches allowing games to function correctly in UltraWide/Surround/Eyefinity gaming resolutions.

Can KOTOR 2 run in widescreen?

By default Kotor 2 will only run at a 4:3 resolution. Even if the game appears to fill your entire screen it is highly likely that is it merely stretching to fit your monitor. With the advent of the new Flawless Widescreen plugin that is available for Kotor 2, getting to game to run in widescreen is easier than ever.

How do I change the resolution of my KOTOR 2 screen?

Navigate to your Kotor 2 installation folder and open the swkotor2.ini Open the ini using either Notepad or a similar program Find the entries under [Display options] Find the width and height and set them to your resolution of choice (Ex: 1920 & 1080)

Can I play KOTOR 2 without using tslrcm?

I do NOT recommend playing Kotor 2 without using TSLRCM. The game is an unfinished mess without the mod so do yourself a favor and install it. Just remember that some mods will not work with TSLRCM (see the Compatibility List for more info) M4-78EP (Droid Planet Mod) is optional although I would recommend you give it a try at least once.

How do I install KOTOR 2 on flawless?

You will require Flawless Widescreen both and the UI Fixes . Install the Version of the program that matches your OS. If you have problems with this try the other version. In the plugins tab on the left hand side find and select the Kotor 2 plugin. Ensure that all relevant fields (ie Fix Enabled) are checked.

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