Can you scuba dive in December?

Can you scuba dive in December?

Among the best countries for scuba diving in December are Belize, the Galapagos, and the Maldives. In each of these destinations, December seas are calm- take your pick from Belize’s Barrier Reef, the Galapagos’ crowds of sharks and turtles, or the Maldives’ marine megafauna.

Does the Bahamas have good scuba diving?

Indeed, the Bahamas is one of the best places in the world to dive with sharks. Tiger sharks, great hammerheads, bull sharks and oceanic whitetips migrate through the islands’ waters in winter. Bimini island, for example, is a good place to see the hammerheads.

Do you need a wetsuit to scuba dive in the Bahamas?

It depends. 3mm is usually sufficient but I have been in the Bahamas in Jan when a week long cold front moved in and the air and water temps were 64 degrees with higher winds. A full 3mm was not nearly enough. Some dives were cancelled due to the winds (land based btw).

Can you scuba dive in Florida in December?

There are good diving spots all the way throughout The Keys including good reef and wreck dives. December weather can be iffy in South Florida, even down here. A strong cold front can bring a couple windy days that make it hard if not impossible to get out on the water.

Can you scuba dive in Florida in the winter?

Florida Keys Winter Diving Conditions can range from “sporty” surface seas to somedays flat calm. This time of the year a wetsuit is required for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water temperature varies between 76 F as a high and 70 F as a low.

Can you dive in the Red Sea in December?

Best time to dive the Red Sea Low season is December to February because of the cooler water, and June to August because of the heat, which makes for quieter dive sites. In the winter months you are also more likely to see Oceanic White Tip sharks in Egypt and hammerhead sharks in Sudan.

How deep can you dive in a wetsuit?

As a basic open water SCUBA diver, the limit for how deep can you dive is 60 feet. If you wish to dive a little deeper, advanced open water certification will teach you more about diving beyond 60 feet.

What temperature do you need a wetsuit for scuba diving?


85 Degrees & Above Aw heck, dive in your swim trunks or bathing suit
80 to 85 Degrees 2 mm shorty to dive skin
73 to 79 Degrees 3 mm fullsuit to 2 mm shorty
66 to 72 Degrees 5 mm to 3 mm fullsuit

Can you snorkel in Miami in December?

Summer offers consistently ideal conditions and particularly warm water but snorkeling in Miami is available year-round.

Can you scuba dive in Key West in December?

Air temperatures in the mid- to high-70s, comfortable humidity levels, and very little chance of rain attracts visitors from all over to winter in Key West. Cold fronts can bring a few blustery days, but average winds are only 14mph through the month. It’s a wonderful time of the year for Key West scuba diving.

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