Did Laurie and George have a baby?

Did Laurie and George have a baby?

But on the other hand for George and I, I’ve watched him raise his kids, he’s watched me raise my kids, but we didn’t have a child together and now I get to see a side of George that I’ve never seen before.

Who is Lauri Petersons granddaughter?

Kennedy WaringLauri Peterson / Granddaughter

How many children does George Peterson have?

Believe it or not, it was the first major reality wedding ceremony that was documented and televised. Reality marriages are now a main-stay of the genre. She subsequently became stepmother to his four children from a previous relationship.

Did Lauri Peterson adopt her granddaughter?

Though it’s been several years since we last saw Lauri on RHOC, she still keeps fans updated on her life and her loved ones on Instagram, including her granddaughter, Kennady, who is the daughter of her son, Josh Waring. Lauri adopted Kennady several years ago, and she has been raising her with George.

What happened Quinn Fry?

After Season 3, Quinn did not return for Season 4. She currently resides in Humboldt County CA in a quaint rural mountain town called Willow Creek, but during the cold winter in Northern California she travels back to OC and can usually be found someplace on beautiful Balboa Island, CA.

What happened to RHOC Tammy’s daughters?

REAL Housewives of Orange County alum Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter Lindsey is still in jail weeks after her arrest for possessing meth, as her family fails to post her $25,000 bail. The Sun can exclusively confirm that Lindsey, 33, still remains in an Arkansas jail as her family in California seemingly snubs her.

What happened to Kimberly from season 1 of RHOC?

Kimberly and her family moved to the Chicago suburb of Lake Bluff, Ill., once their time on RHOC came to an end. It’s understood that the decision was made after Kimberly’s son, Travis, was diagnosed with a precancerous mole. Kimberly is a skin cancer survivor herself.

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