Do Cosette and Marius end up together?

Do Cosette and Marius end up together?

On Christmas of 1823, Cosette is adopted (and saved) by Jean Valjean. Later she grows into a beautiful young girl and marries Marius Pontmercy near the end of the story. She is also one of the few characters to have survived the entire course of the novel and musical.

What does the last scene of Les Miserables mean?

The lines that close the book, Hugo tells us, were scribbled anonymously on top of his gravestone. They suggest that Jean Valjean had a chance to live, love, and suffer, just like all human beings, and that there’s something very peaceful and natural about this cycle of life and death, just as night always follows day.

Is Javert in the finale?

This finale belongs to Javert as much as Valjean. He’s given another edge, forced to reconsider the value-systems he’s held for decades. Oyelowo, even in his most over-dramatic moments, has been an aggressively vital force through the series and the finale draws out his crushing talents.

Who are the two boys at the end of Les Miserables?

The two boys are last seen retrieving thrown bread from a fountain at the Luxembourg Gardens. In the 2007 anime adaptation Les Misérables: Shōjo Cosette, the two boys are named Hugues and Bressole. In the novel, their names are unknown.

How did Cosette become destiny?

Destiny (運命), is a Musicart named after Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor Op. 67. She awakened inside Cosette Schneider when she was fatally injured during a D2 attack at the Symphonica Party.

Why did Jean Valjean leave Cosette and Marius?

Once Marius and Cosette have married, Valjean reveals his true past to Marius, who is shocked. Valjean decides to spend less time around Cosette than before. His new loneliness eventually kills him, but not before Marius learns the truth about Valjean saving his life.

Was Javert redeemed?

After a chaotic showdown with Javert, he redeems himself for his inability to protect Fantine and pledges to her that Cosette will want for nothing. We finally get a little comic relief when we meet the delightfully wicked Thenardiers who have been “caring” for her.

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