How do I get to Andbeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge?

How do I get to Andbeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge?

&Beyond Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve. A 1hr 15min fixed-wing or a 1hr 30min helicopter flight from Windhoek, followed by a short 10min road transfer to the lodge.

Is there safari in Namibia?

Africa’s largest game park, the Namib-Naukluft Park, is a must see when on safari in Namibia, with its magnificent sea of rolling red dunes at Sossusvlei. Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s great parks in both size and diversity of wildlife.

Can you fly to Sossusvlei?

Day 1: Flight to Sossusvlei and Sossusvlei Lodge Depart from Eros Airport in Windhoek with a Cessna 210 or Cessna Caravan to the Sossusvlei area. After about one hour scenic flight, you will be dropped off at the Sossusvlei Lodge in the Sossuvlei area.

How much is a safari in Namibia?

Best Namibia Lodge Safaris for 2020

Safari Tour Name Safari Cost
6 Day Namibia Dunes & Wildlife Safari – more details | go to tour From $1187 per person sharing
4 Day Namibia Safari to Swakopmund & Sossusvlei Dunes – more details | go to tour From $700 per person sharing

How far is Sossusvlei from Swakopmund?

407 km
Yes, the driving distance between Sossusvlei to Swakopmund is 407 km. It takes approximately 11h 31m to drive from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund.

In which region is Sossusvlei?

Sossusvlei is located in the Namib-Naukluft Park, a prime destination in Namibia that showcases mammoth sand dunes up to 325m in height. The gates to the park are open to the public between sunrise and sunset and the dunes can be reached after an hour drive from the Sesriem entrance gate.

Is there a beach in Namibia?

Whilst Namibia does have a huge coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, the coast is unsuitable for a beach holiday. The cold currents which make the waters rich in sea life, do not make for pleasant or safe swimming, and regularly create heavy and cold coastal fog.

How do I get to Shipwreck Lodge?

The easiest way for you to reach Shipwreck Lodge is to fly from either Windhoek or Swakopmund to Möwe Bay via light aircraft. From there, we can arrange your private transfer to the lodge, located 45 kilometres away. This is the perfect way to get your first glimpse at the Skeleton Coast’s extraordinary landscapes.

Do I need a visa to Namibia?

Tourists visiting Namibia for fewer than 90 days per calendar year are not required to obtain a visa in advance of their arrival. All other visa types (e.g., student, work, volunteer, etc.) must be obtained from the nearest Namibian embassy or consulate before travel.

Can you drive on the Namib Desert?

Some people decide to do a fly-by; however, to really experience these wrecks, driving into the desert is best. The desert is a protected area, and large areas are used for diamond mining, so you can’t just attempt to drive to the wrecks yourself.

What is special about Sossusvlei?

Sossusvlei is one of Namibia’s best-known and most photographed destinations and the site of the world’s largest sand dunes, amazing geological fascinations and other scenic attractions. The Sossusvlei is situated in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Africa’s largest conservation area.

Can you swim in Namibia ocean?

Who owns Shipwreck Lodge?

Piet du Plooy, the owner of Trip Travel in Namibia, had long been pursuing a dream to build a lodge in the park and won a concession bid put out by the Ministry of Environment (MET).

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