How do you complete innocence lost in Skyrim?

How do you complete innocence lost in Skyrim?


  1. Talk to Aventus Aretino.
  2. Kill Grelod the Kind.
  3. Tell Aventus Aretino that Grelod the Kind has been killed.

Should I kill Grelod the Kind Skyrim?

There are lots of ways to go about killing Grelod, from the obvious route of walking up to her and stabbing her in the chest to poisoning her tea while she sleeps. But perhaps the best way to kill her is to not kill her at all. Instead, just let her assistant do the murdering for you.

What happens if you kill Grelod before talking to Aventus?

Killing Grelod has the same effect. When you do speak to Aventus he marvels at how expertly the Dark Brotherhood managed to kill his target without ever asking him.

Who should I kill in friends like these Skyrim?

Killing the Khajiit may ease the consciences of some, but for others there is always the option of killing Astrid. Kill Astrid and you will find the key to escape the shack on her body, the quest for the Dark Brotherhood will come up as failed…

Can you adopt Aventus?

You can now adopt Aventus Aretino. Speak to him in the Aretino Residence after completing the quest Innocence Lost. Compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) or other mods that return Aventus to the orphanage after the quest. Just speak with Aventus inside Honorhall Orphanage instead.

Can you adopt more than two child in Skyrim?

If you have Hearthfire installed, you can adopt up to two children in Skyrim. You do not have to be married to adopt. Children can only be adopted if you have a child’s bedroom in your house or extra beds and containers in your self-built houses.

Do you get a bounty for killing Grelod the Kind?

No bounty will be gained, nor will there be any consequences. Grelod the Kind is the weakest NPC in the game with two health points. She is unique and will never give a bounty for assault, being fed on by a Vampire or being murdered.

What happens after killing Grelod the Kind?

You are sent to speak with Aventus Aretino in Windhelm and discover that he’s up to more than just childish shenanigans. Aventus will think that you are part of the Dark Brotherhood and send you to kill Grelod The “Kind”. You’ll receive the Aretino Family Heirloom for your efforts.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Aventus Aretino inside the Aretino Residence in Windhelm.
  2. Kill Grelod the Kind in the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften.
  3. Return to Aventus for your reward.

Should I kill Grelod the Kind in Skyrim?

Even if the Hearthfire add-on is installed, the children from Honorhall cannot be adopted while Grelod lives. If the Dragonborn wishes to adopt an Honorhall child, they must kill Grelod the Kind.

What is the best way to kill Grelod the Kind?

The best way to kill Grelod the Kind in Skyrim is by taking her to suplex city.

Is Grelod the Kind evil?

Grelod the Kind is an elderly Nord woman and the headmistress of the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. Contrary to her name, she has a reputation for being an utterly cruel and heartless woman.

Who should I kill for Astrid?

Can you kill the Dark Brotherhood after joining?

You cannot. You’re only chance, as stated above, is during “With Friends Like These…,” in which you must first kill Astrid. So I too regretted joining the Dark Brotherhood and would’ve much more wanted to destroy them.

What happens if you don’t kill Grelod the Kind?

Do the children in Skyrim grow up?

No. No one ages at all in Skyrim. There are children and elders only because the programmers/designers put them in there to be children and elders; there’s not a single NPC that will age a single day, no matter how long you play the game.

What is the mysterious note in Skyrim?

What Does the Mysterious Note Mean in Skyrim? The mysterious note is a covert invitation to The Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. After receiving it, players should go to sleep in a bed. They will then be kidnapped by a Dark Brotherhood assassin and can choose to join the shady organization or turn down the invitation.

Are there any glitches in Skyrim?

Despite The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being nearly a decade old with multiple patches and re-releases since it first debuted, there are still several glitches that exist in the game that can cause you to experience some unusual things.

Is it possible to sleep in Innocence Lost?

I’ve finished “Innocence Lost” but no courrier came after with the message “We know” to continue into the Dark Brotherhood questline. No sleeping event was possible. Tried every fixes posted everywhere. I’ve found a solution for PC users :

What is the story behind Innocence Lost?

Innocence Lost stems from a rumor heard by the innkeeper of Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood or any other inn about a child in Windhelm performing the black sacrament. You are sent to speak with Aventus Aretino in Windhelm and discover that he’s up to more than just childish shenanigans.

Where can I find the second hidden chest in Skyrim?

The second hidden chest, which is a little harder to find, is located southeast of Markarth. This chest is also linked to the Khajiit caravan and is found near where the caravan normally sets up if it is not already there.

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