How many words is a Nature paper?

How many words is a Nature paper?

An uninterrupted page of text contains about 1250 words. A typical 6-page Article contains about 2,500 words of text and, additionally, 4 modest display items (figures and/or tables) with brief legends, reference list and online-only methods section if applicable.

How do you write a Nature News View article?

They should be short and contain no punctuation marks or abbreviations. News & Views articles also carry a ‘subject strapline’ of one or two words to define the general subject area of the article, and a ‘standfirst’, a short item in larger type that precedes the main text and is intended to entice readers to read on.

How many words are in a Nature abstract?

Abstract – up to 150 words, unreferenced. Display items – up to 6 items (figures and/or tables). Article should be divided as follows: Introduction (without heading)

How do I submit an article to Nature magazine?

General editorial enquiries should be addressed to the Editor at [email protected] Manuscripts should be submitted through our online submission system.

What is a Nature letter?

Nature Letters has historically been a “safety valve” for scientific publication in that it provided a way for a Nature Editor to allow the publication of short and possibly controversial pieces that might potentially be important, but that would find it difficult or impossible to pass normal peer-review.

Can an abstract be 1000 words?

The extended abstract should contain a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words. Extended abstracts can contain figures, tables and/or images which are not included in the word count. The references are not included in the word count as well.

How do I submit a letter to Nature?

Please send submissions to [email protected] These may include 100 words outlining the pertinence of the correspondence. Please present the correspondence text in the main body of your e-mail. Attachments are not accepted.

What font is used in Nature journal?

Fonts. We prefer the use throughout of a ‘standard’ font, preferably 12-point Times New Roman.

Can abstract be more than 300 words?

The abstract may also be the only part of your paper that has a word limit. Most word limits specify a maximum of between 250 and 300 words, and some journals require that abstracts be as short as 150 words. Writing a great abstract is almost an art—but writing an abstract that meets word limits is, well, a science.

Can an abstract be more than 250 words?

And unlike general summaries, which can be adapted in many ways to meet various readers’ and writers’ needs, abstracts are typically 150–250 words and have a fairly standard format.

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