How much does a diamond doTERRA earn?

How much does a diamond doTERRA earn?

*doTERRA only provides a range of $4,370 to $11,260 for these two ranks; the low end of the range was used for Elite, and the high end was inserted for Premier….The problem with MLMs.

doTERRA rank Average Annual Earnings Percentage of All Advocates
Blue Diamond $463,555 0.02%
Presidential Diamond $1,259,587 <.01%

How much commission do doTERRA advocates make?

25% commission
Once you’ve joined doTERRA, you start at the bottom of their compensation plan as a Wellness Advocate. This means you make 25% commission on any purchases your customers make. You can also earn bonuses based on your own and your downline’s (once you build it) performance.

What is the highest rank in doTERRA?

There are 15 total possible ranks Wellness Advocates can reach. From Wellness Advocate to Double Presidential Diamond, each rank has certain requirements that must be met from month to month to maintain that rank.

What does Diamond mean in doTERRA?

Blue Diamond: A Diamond becomes a Blue Diamond when they purchase at least 100 PV. They also have 5 Golds who are personally enrolled and in separate legs. 12. Presidential Diamond: A Blue Diamond becomes a Presidential when they purchase at least 100 PV.

Is doTERRA a reputable company?

doTERRA has a consumer rating of 2.42 stars from 57 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about doTERRA most frequently mention essential oils and credit card problems. doTERRA ranks 250th among Vitamins & Supplements sites.

What does it mean to be a silver in doTERRA?

Silver: A Premier becomes a Silver when they purchase at least 100 PV. They also have 3 Elites who are personally enrolled and in separate legs.

Is doTERRA a good business?

Compared to some other MLM’s which cost significantly more to start, doTERRA is a good choice. I’ll get more into the compensation structure in a moment, but the way you build financial independence (which is really what MLM’s are selling) is by earning commissions from your downline sales.

How do I succeed with doTERRA?

  1. Ask yourself why you are joining doTERRA.
  2. Complete your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order every month, and be sure to order new products and actually use them.
  3. Research and decide on a compensation plan.
  4. Connect with your upline and decide on a plan of action.
  5. Share a product with a family member or friend.

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