How much does it cost to go tubing in the Guadalupe River?

How much does it cost to go tubing in the Guadalupe River?

$20 each
Rental Information and Pricing – All Day Tubing!

Tube rental $20 each
Tube for Cooler rental You can bring your own cooler or rent one here. There are no restrictions on cooler size at Canyon Lake, but coolers larger than 48 quarts may not fit in our tubes. $20 each

Can you tube the Guadalupe right now?

The Guadalupe River in New Braunfels is currently flowing at over 5400 cfs and remains closed to tubing. Only rafting and kayaking are allowed, and guided rafting trips through local river outfitters are highly advised.

Can you float the Guadalupe River for free?

You can buy your own tube for cheaper and the river is a public, free thing, so you can just hop in, but be aware some shuttles won’t take you back to the starting place.

Can you bring your own tube to the Guadalupe River?

Tubing and River Rafting: Pick your adventure! BYOT: Bring your own tube and take advantage of our Public River Parks, Access, and Exits. River Outfitters: Just bring your sunscreen, a good attitude, your beverage of choice, and let a local outfitter take care of the rest!

Which is better for tubing Comal or Guadalupe?

The Comal River has fantastic river levels, perfect for tubing, while the Guadalupe River Levels are quite often very low (river levels are measured in “cubic feet per second” or “cfs”), so low that there are spots where you’ll have to pick up your tubes and walk to find deep enough water to continue your float, also …

What is the best part of the Guadalupe River to float?

In addition to the beautiful views and tree-lined banks, the best part about tubing on the Guadalupe River is the mini-rapids! With that being said, it’s easy to lose items during your float.

How do you drink while tubing?

Rules to Follow for Drinking and River Tubing

  1. Rule #1: Drink responsibly while floating the river.
  2. Rule #2: Glass bottles are not permitted river tubing.
  3. Rule #3: Styrofoam coolers are not permitted river tubing.
  4. Rule #4: Leave no trace behind when floating the river.
  5. Rule #5: Safety first when tubing and drinking.

Should I float the Comal or Guadalupe River?

We love tubing on the Comal River we always enter thru Landa Falls. The float itself takes about 2:30 – 3 hours depending on the crowd. I really like the Comal over the Guadalupe river, it’s just a better float and no shallow areas.

Is alcohol allowed on the Guadalupe River?

In accordance with Texas law, you can drink on the Guadalupe and Comal rivers as well as juice, water, sports drinks and even the accordance with TX law) And you can drink whatever you’d like – beer, wine, mojitos, margaritas, fuzzy navels, any other alcoholic beverage, juice, water, sports drinks, and even that stuff …

Is it illegal to drink on the tube?

Customers are prohibited from drinking or carrying open containers of alcohol on the London Underground, buses, Docklands Light Railway, tram services and London Overground. These rules play an important part in ensuring that everybody travelling on our transport network has a safe and pleasant journey.

Can you drink alcohol on the Guadalupe River?

What can you bring on the Guadalupe River?

Guadalupe River Rules & Information No containers under 5 fluid oz. Coolers must have a locking mechanism on the lid (zipper, Velcro, latch, cord). The maximum size is 30 quarts. 1 cooler is allowed per person.

What should I bring to the Guadalupe River?

The 10 Things You Need to Bring When Tubing the Guadalupe River

  • Sun Protection. The Texas sun will fry leather, so you should plan to protect your own skin.
  • Flotation Devices.
  • Food and Drink.
  • A Cooler With Ice.
  • Cell Phone.
  • Waterproof Bags.
  • Waterproof Shoes.
  • Rope.

What can you not do on the tube?

On that note, here’s our list of 24 Things You Shouldn’t Do On the London Underground .

  • Eat stinky food.
  • Lean on people.
  • Wear a backpack.
  • Take your bike on the tube in rush hour.
  • Lean on the pole.
  • Manspreading.
  • Play loud music.
  • Not stand up for pregnant people.

Where can I go tubing on the Guadalupe?

We’re conveniently located at the end of the famous “Horseshoe Loop” on the Guadalupe River. Learn more custom tubing trips Whitewater Sports offers the best in Custom Tubing tripsdown the Guadalupe River.

Is there a shuttle from Rio Guadalupe to the resort?

All rentals include a shuttle upstream for a float back down the Guadalupe River to Rio Guadalupe Resort. Non-guests with private equipment may use the shuttle for a fee.

Where to go rafting on the Guadalupe River?

Guadalupe River Rafting and Tubing. Rio Guadalupe Resort provides what most consider the best place for tubing or kayaking on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake. For a fun and exciting 2 to 5 hour float trip starting at one of the two bridges at the Horseshoe on FM 306 , we offer several float choices.

What size tubes are used on the Guadalupe River?

Quality tubes on a quality river All of our tubes are heavy-duty 35 gauge PVC vinyl which provide the most comfortable float trip on the Guadalupe River. No more scorching black tubes on the river.

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