How much is a bar of steel?

How much is a bar of steel?

Rebar Costs by Type

Steel $0.18 – $6.80 per linear foot
Stainless steel type 304 or 316 $2.50 – $16 per linear foot
Galvanized +10% – 15% over untreated steel
Epoxy coating $300 – $400 per 50 lb. box.
Fiberglass Cost varies by location and supplier

What thickness is flat bar?

Hot rolled flat bar is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8” up to 1”. These come in 20′ lengths but can be purchased by the foot up to 10′. Cold rolled flat bar is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8” up to 2”. These come in 12′ lengths but can be purchased by the foot up to 10′.

What type of steel is Flatbar?

Stainless Steel Flat Bar comes in various alloys of which the most common are 303, 304 and 316. It is produced in all sizes and finishes.

What is the standard length of flat bar?

6 m.
What is the Length of a Flat Bar? Flat bars are available in a range of options. Typically, the range between 12 – 100 mm with a thickness of 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.7 mm, and 3 mm and a length of 6 m. Standard ASTM A276 flat bars are usually 1.2 to 150 mm in width and 25 to 33 mm in thickness.

What are metal bars called?

The same is true of metal bar stock. The most common shapes are round bar (also called rod), rectangular bar (including square bar, the special case of equal sides), and hexagonal bar (usually called hex bar for short).

What does 1 steel bar weigh?

Steel bar weight:- generally weight of Steel bar per metre for 8mm bar is around 0.395 kg, for 10mm, its weight around 0.617kg, for 12mm, its weight is 0.889kg and for 16mm, its weight is 1.58kg.

What is the thinnest flat bar?

NOTE: The thinnest available flat bar in any size is 1/8” thick.

How strong is steel flat bar?

1/4″Thick x 2″W x 6’L ASTM A36 Hot Rolled Steel Flat Bar

Material Type Metal
Type Flat Bar
Tensile Strength 58,000 psi
Style Hot Rolled
Yield Strength 36,000 psi

What is flat bar used for?

Flat bar is a basic of building support materials. They are generally used for support braces, ladder hangers, gate latches, duct work, overhead doors, heaters and bracing.

What do you call the flat steel?

Flat Bar is also referred to as Rectangular Bar.

What are the different types of steel bars?

5 Types of Steel Reinforced Bars are used in Cement Concrete

  • Hot Rolled Deformed Bars.
  • Cold Rolled Steel Bars.
  • Mild Steel Bars.
  • Twisted Steel Bars.
  • Welded Steel Wire.

What is bar steel used for?

Rebar (short for reinforcing bar), known when massed as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel, is a steel bar used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and aid the concrete under tension. Concrete is strong under compression, but has weak tensile strength.

Is steel bar a metal?

This is achieved through the alloying process – stainless steel is a metal alloy whose chief constituents are iron and chromium, and to qualify as stainless steel, the metal must contain no less than 10.5% chromium (in practice it’s often slightly more).

How do you calculate the weight of a steel bar?

Steel weight formula = πD*2/ 4 × L × density, where w = weight of steel, π = 3.14, D = diameter of Steel bar in mm, L= length of Steel bar =1m and density = 7850 kg/ m3.

How do you calculate the weight of a steel bar in feet?


  1. (D)2/533.
  2. Unit weight of steel is d square/533. How is it derived?
  3. I.E., weight = density x volume.
  4. Therefore, weight = (7850 x (3.14/4) d2 x 1000) / (109)
  5. =d2/162.2.
  6. ( 1 metre = 3.28084 feet)
  7. = d2/532.38 ≈= d2/533 (say)

What grade is flat bar?

Flat Bar – grade 300 (AS 3679.1)

Which is stronger cold rolled or hot rolled steel?

Cold rolling produces steel with closer dimensional tolerances and a wider range of surface finishes than hot rolling. It is also up to 20% stronger than hot rolled through the use of strength hardening.

How much weight can steel flat bar support?

Strip & flat bars can handle weight per foot from 0.425 all the up to 81.600. The bars may be solid or punctuated by holes, slots or other cutouts for assembly. Wgt. Per Ft.

What is a steel flat bar used for?

Steel Flat Bar. Hot Rolled Steel Flat, is widely used for all general fabrication and repairs in industrial maintenance, agricultural implements, transportation equipment, etc. HR A569 Steel Flat is stripped from coil and A36 is rolled as bars.

What is A36 steel square bar?

A36 Steel Square Bar is a hot rolled, mild steel solid steel bar with radius corners that is ideal for all structural applications, general fabrication, manufacturing and repairs. Steel Squares are widely used in industrial maintenance, agricultural implements, transportation equipment, ornamental iron work, fencing, artwork, etc.

Where can I buy Steel cut to size?

This steel shape is easy to weld, cut, form and machine with the proper equipment and knowledge. Metals Depot stocks many sizes of steel square at wholesale prices in ready to ship precut and mill lengths or you can order online just what you need custom Cut to Size in small or large quantity.

What is hex bar steel used for?

These hex bars are hardened for increased abrasion and impact resistance. They are also stress relieved to reduce the chance of warping during machining. Also known as chrome-moly steel, this versatile 4140 alloy steel is used for a wide range of parts, such as gears, axles, shafts, collets, and die holders.

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