How much time did Rita Crundwell get?

How much time did Rita Crundwell get?

19 years, 7 months
Rita Crundwell, who was convicted of embezzling nearly $54 million from Dixon when she worked as the comptroller of the small town 100 miles west of Chicago, has been released from prison. In 2013, Crundwell was sentenced to 19 years, 7 months in federal prison.

How much did Rita Crundwell have to pay?

Former Dixon, Illinois comptroller Rita Crundwell, the woman responsible for the largest municipal fraud in American history is now back in the community she stole from, according to sources. Crundwell pled guilty to stealing $54 million from the City of Dixon over two decades.

Who caught Rita Crundwell?

comptroller Kathe Swanson
Capture and arrest. In the fall of 2011, while Crundwell was on an extended vacation, city clerk and acting comptroller Kathe Swanson discovered the RSCDA account with 179 deposits and associated checking activity.

What crime did Rita Crundwell commit?

Rita Crundwell had first opened the fictional account in 1990, meaning that she had successfully stolen from the city for 22 years before being arrested. In those two decades she stole over $53 million from a city of less than 16,000 people.

Did Rita Crundwell go to jail?

(WLS) — Former Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell was released from federal prison in central Illinois Wednesday, the FBI confirmed. She was convicted in 2013 of stealing millions from the community west of DeKalb. The city of Dixon said Crundwell was released from a federal corrections institution in Pekin, Illinois.

What is Rita Crundwell doing today?

Crundwell was sentenced in 2013 to 19 years and 7 months in federal prison, serving 85% of the sentence which would have a release date of October 20, 2029.

How much has the City of Dixon recovered?

approximately $40 million
The City of Dixon has recovered approximately $40 million of the almost $54 million stolen by Crundwell.

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