Is Commander Gree in the Clone Wars?

Is Commander Gree in the Clone Wars?

Gree, or CC-1004, was a senior clone commander who served in the Clone Wars under Jedi General Luminara Unduli. He got his name, Gree, from the obscure alien species since he was very interested in alien species.

Who is the Green Clone Commander?

Clone Commander Gree, designation 1004, led the Elite Corps of clone troopers during the Clone Wars. He saw deployments on such heated battlefronts as Kashyyyk. Gree himself wore camouflaged armor to better blend into jungle surroundings.

What Lego sets is Commander Gree in?

Commander Gree appears in the set 9491 Geonosian Cannon, where he accompanies Barriss Offee and fights against two Geonosians. He features a helmet with unique green printing and a torso with green printing and an ammunition belt. He is wearing the clone wars phase I armor. He also appears in 75043 AT-AP.

What happened to Clone Commander Gree?

With the behavioral modification biochip in his head forcing him to obey the order, Gree and Clone Captain Jek took position behind Yoda and prepared to execute him. However, the Jedi Master sensed this betrayal, and beheaded Gree and Jek before they could fire on him.

What clone Legion was green?

The 41st Elite
The 41st Elite was a division out of the 9th Assault Corps, under command of Jedi General Luminara Unduli and Clone Commander Gree.

Who is DEPA Billaba Clone Captain?

Clone Captain Grey
Serving under Jedi General Depa Billaba throughout the Clone Wars, Captain Grey is a trusted soldier. He is stationed on Kaller during Order 66 and helps to bring about the end of the Clone Wars.

What happened Commander Neyo?

After the execution of Order 66 and the Republic’s transformation into the first Galactic Empire, Neyo retained his rank of commander in the new Imperial Army.

Who is the 41st clone commander?

The 41st Elite Corps was led by Jedi General Luminara Unduli, whilst Clone Commander CC-1004 “Gree” served as the clone commander.

What clone Legion was GREY?

CC-10/994, nicknamed “Grey,” was a Clone Captain in the Grand Army of the Republic, an army of genetically identical clone troopers who were engineered from the template of Jango Fett.

Who is clone trooper 0001?

ARC-0001 (formally CT-0001) was created years ago in 32 BBY with the rest of the clones on the watery planet of Kamino, he is a fully trained arc (advanced recon commando) trooper, and he is the leader of 223rd Strike Force, his nickname is Commander Unos.

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