Is Note 2 and Note 3 battery same?

Is Note 2 and Note 3 battery same?

No its not. The Note 2 had a 3100mah battery where the Note 3 has a 3200mah battery. Just a touch bigger but enough to be a different battery. Not a big difference bit will still be a beast.

How big is a Samsung Note 3?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in White
Type Phablet
Form factor Slate
Dimensions 151.2 mm (5.95 in) H 79.2 mm (3.12 in) W 8.3 mm (0.33 in) D
Mass 168 g (5.9 oz)

How big is the note?

Note 20 specs vs. Note 10 and Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Dimensions (Inches) 6.36 x 2.96 x 0.33 in 5.94 x 2.83 x 0.31 in
Dimensions (Millimeters) 161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3 mm 151 x 71.8 x 7.9 mm
Weight (Ounces, Grams) 6.84 oz, 194g 5.93 oz; 168g
Mobile software Android 10 Android 9

Which Note has the biggest screen size?

With Samsung’s conventional phones, meaning the ones that don’t fold, the biggest display you can buy right now would be either the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Which is the biggest Samsung Note?

TechRadar Verdict. At release the Galaxy Note 10 Plus was Samsung’s biggest and most powerful phone, and its Aura colors almost symbolically reflect smartphone luxury top to bottom. The hand-stretching 6.8-inch display is perfectly paired with the S Pen and an extra-big battery.

What is the largest size Samsung phone?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (2020) Flash forward to February, 2020, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra made its debut with a 6.9-inch display, the largest we’d ever seen on a Samsung smartphone that doesn’t flip or fold and a major size increase for the company’s flagship line.

Processor and battery The Note 2 features a 3,100mAh battery with a claimed maximum 3G talk time of a whopping 16 hours, while the Note 3 ups the ante slightly with a 3,200 mAh battery.

What kind of battery does a Galaxy Note 3 take?

Lithium-ion –
Battery Capacity: 3600 mAh – Battery Type:Lithium-ion – Voltage: 3.85V. – Watt-hour: 13.86WH. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000, N9005 LTE, AT N900A, Verizon N900V, Sprint N900P, T-Mobile N900T.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery draining so fast?

Fast battery drain Obviously, the more you use it and the more features you have turned on, the faster the battery will drain. If you’ve got GPS and mobile data turned off and you aren’t using your Note 2 much and it still drains the battery a lot then there are other things you can try.

Why does my Samsung Note 3 get so hot?

The most common reasons for a device becoming hot are: Your device is charging. Your device is running a power-intensive app. Your device is being used in a case or cover.

Does the Galaxy Note 3 have a replaceable battery?

There are not many battery replacements for Galaxy note 3. The first replacement was already dead,but it lasted for 9months that out of my expectation. So, I bought this battery replacement again since the phone still works well. It comes with one new replacement battery and a cable in a small box.

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