Is Poison Ivy still alive in Arkham Knight?

Is Poison Ivy still alive in Arkham Knight?

In order to help eliminate Scarecrow’s debilitating toxin from Gotham City, Ivy absorbed a lethal dosage of it into her body, saving millions from the effects of the toxins. As she perished in her longtime foe’s arms, Ivy left Batman with a final message: “Nature always wins.”

Can Poison Ivy be resurrected?

While Poison Ivy has some wild powers, her ability to be resurrected through the Green stands out as her most overlooked, and underrated, plant-based power.

What happened to Harley and Ivy?

But with both Gotham villains currently headed down different paths of self-discovery in the comics, they quietly called it quits. “Our story…it’s not over,” Harley tells a teary Ivy in Harley Quinn #10. “But you need to find your own path, too. And I have to let you…

Does Ivy come back to life in Harley Quinn?

Harley was ecstatic and thought that her tears brought Ivy back to life, but Ivy said “we don’t live in a Disney movie”, and that it was primarily the power of nature that brought her back.

Where is Poison Ivy’s lair?

Arkham City
Poison Ivy’s lair is an abandoned hotel in Arkham City. It is located near the GCPD Building. Because Ivy isn’t interested in the company of other people, her lair is guarded by henchmen under her control.

How do you get past the poison ivy plant in Batman Arkham Asylum?

When Ivy goes down the first time, approach her and place Explosive Gel on the membrane covering her body. Detonate it and she’ll be ready for round two. In this round your tactics should remain essentially the same: roll around and quick Batarang her to chip away at her life.

How do I get to poison ivy in Batman Arkham Asylum?

You can Line Launch across the Flooded corridor and move through the previously collapsed pathway now that Ivy’s tendril is clearing the way. Line Launch across the hall in the west part of the northern area. Take out Ivy’s zombie henchmen with basic combo moves and enter Ivy’s lair.

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