Is the Su-27 better than MiG-29?

Is the Su-27 better than MiG-29?

Although Ukraine also flies the MiG-29 Fulcrum, the Flanker has a much greater combat range, better armament, and longer-range radar compared with the MiG. As such, the Su-27 is Ukraine’s main offensive and defensive pillar, while the short-range MiG handles point-defense.

Does Russia still fly Su-27?

The Su-27 entered service with the Soviet Air Forces in 1985….Sukhoi Su-27.

Status In service
Primary users Russian Air Force People’s Liberation Army Air Force Uzbekistan Air and Air Defence Forces See Operators section for others
Produced 1982–present
Number built 680

What is the Russian equivalent of the F 16?

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter aircraft and the first operational stealth aircraft for the Russian armed forces.

Which fighter jet is the most maneuverable?

F-22 Raptor Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is number one our list of top ten fighter jets in the world. It is super stealthy and is virtually invisible to radar. F-22 is extremely advanced twin-engine aircraft having super maneuverability.

What type of aircraft is the Su-27?

Sukhoi Su-27. The Sukhoi Su-27 (Russian: Сухой Су-27; NATO reporting name: Flanker) is a twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft designed by Sukhoi.

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Why is the Su 27 so popular?

The Su 27 has proven to be a very good platform for further development, enhancing the characteristics of the basic model as new variants and subvariants are being introduced at the point of constituting new models by themselves. There is even a version which is a strike fighter/fighter-bomber capable of taking ground and naval targets.

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