Is Yamaha FD01S a good guitar?

Is Yamaha FD01S a good guitar?

The Yamaha FD01S is a premium solid-top guitar with superior tone and projection. While suitable for intermediate to professional players, the FD01S is the perfect first guitar, providing an outstanding value that won’t break the bank.

Is Yamaha FD01S full size?

The Yamaha acoustic FD01S is an excellent starter guitar. It is a full-sized dreadnought guitar and has a solid spruce top.

Does Yamaha make high end guitars?

At $18,000 dollars, the GC82 is the most expensive guitar that Yamaha currently sells. It’s a classical guitar that’s available with either a German spruce top or an American cedar top. From there the guitars are made with a solid Madagascar rosewood back/side, a cedar neck, and an ebony fingerboard.

Is the Yamaha Transacoustic a good guitar?

The LL-TA is great fun to play, whether or not its effects are engaged. The guitar has a relatively shallow neck and a perfect factory setup, with low action and super clean fretwork, which makes it easy to do anything I want.

Where is Yamaha TransAcoustic made?

Well, as acoustics go, it’s a made-in-China instrument, and the build is superb. The top is solid spruce; the back and sides are mahogany. That’s what you’d expect for an acoustic in this price range.

Is the Yamaha fg700s a good beginner guitar?

Anyone looking for a really well priced guitar for a beginner or as a second guitar should definitely consider the Yamaha FG700S. For the money you really get value in a nice sounding, nice-to-play and well-built guitar. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this review helpful.

Is the Gibson fg700s worth the price?

While the price is also a bit over the “cheap” tag, the features and quality the FG700S comes with are definitely worth. It’s a guitar that could easily cost over $400 if they put another logo on the headstock, say Seagull.

How wide is the nut on a Fender fg700s?

The width at the nut is 1 and 11/16 inch (43mm). This is pretty standard and should be fine for most players. As you can see from the number of reviews above the FG700S is a very popular guitar! And for good reason.

What kind of saddle does a Yamaha Guitar have?

Saddle and Nut: Plastic nut and saddle. A lot of cheap Yamahas (sometimes even models in the 500-1000 price bracket) have plastic nuts and saddles – a lot guitars under 500 do too. This isn?t a reason not to buy a cheap Yamaha because they have a lot of other great qualities and it won?t cost too much to upgrade them to bone or something like TUSQ.

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