Is Yoox UK based?

Is Yoox UK based?

Yoox was originally founded by Federico Marchetti in Milan in 2000, and Net-a-Porter was founded by Natalie Massenet in London in 2000.

Is yoox an outlet? sells clothes and accessories from luxury brands at discounted or outlet prices.

Where does Yoox ship from?

We ship all orders from our warehouse in Bologna (Italy).

Does Yoox do price adjustments?

No, Yoox does not offer a price adjustment policy. Also of note, there is no Yoox price match policy, either. If you want to buy clothes and accessories from this Italian fashion retailer, you generally have to pay whatever price they’re charging.

Does Yoox offer free returns?

Exchanges. If you wish to change the size and/or color of an item that you purchased, you can do so at no additional cost within 60 days of delivery date. Fill out the Return Form, choose the “Exchange” option and select a replacement size and/or color from those available.

Are Yoox returns free?

Procedure for returning products to the Vendor If you use UPS and the pre-printed label – which carries the return address – enclosed in the original order, you will not have to pay the return costs upfront.

How long does Yoox take to arrive?

Delivery times begin one business day after the order is placed….

Shipping Times Cost
Standard 12-15 business days $ 9.95
Express 2-4 business days $ 19.95

Where does YOOX ship from?

Can you return sale items on YOOX?

Return Policy You can return any item purchased on within 60 days of the delivery date. Here’s how: Fill out the Return Form. Make sure the merchandise you return is in its original condition, tags and packaging included, otherwise we will be unable to accept your return and issue a refund.

Does YOOX charge for return shipping?

The possibility of tracking each package sent at any time using this shipping method relieves you from any responsibility for loss or damage to the products during transit. If you decide to return products using a courier other than UPS, you will have to pay the return shipping costs upfront.

How long does YOOX take to ship?

Shipping Times and Costs

Shipping Times Cost
Standard 12-15 business days $ 9.95
Express 2-4 business days $ 19.95

Where does yoox ship from?

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