What are cute boy names that start with F?

What are cute boy names that start with F?


  • Finn.
  • Felix.
  • Francisco.
  • Fernando.
  • Finnegan.
  • Frances.
  • Franklin.
  • What is the most common f name?

    Top Names Beginning With F in the USA and England

    Rank Girls in USA Boys in USA
    1 Faith Finn
    2 Finley Felix
    3 Fiona Francisco
    4 Freya Finley

    What was the most popular boy name in 1890?

    Top names of the 1890s

    Males Females
    Rank Name Name
    1 John Mary
    2 William Anna
    3 James Margaret

    Is Finley a unisex name?

    The name Finley, meaning “fair-haired courageous one,” is a fantastic choice for both sexes—even if your baby has brown or black hair! The best part of this name is the variety spellings: Finlay, Finlea, Finlee, Findley, Findlay, Finnlea and Finnley.

    What is the name Mini short for?

    As a first name, Minnie is a feminine given name. It can be a diminutive (hypocorism) of Minerva, Winifred, Wilhelmina, Hermione, Mary, Miriam, Maria, Marie, Naomi, Miranda, Clementine or Amelia.

    What are some names that start with AF?


  • Finn.
  • Felix.
  • Freya.
  • Faith.
  • Francisco.
  • Fiona.
  • Fernando.
  • How do you spell Ryan for a girl?

    Once Ryan was firmly cemented as a girl’s name in America, the feminized spelling of Ryann joined the party in the late 1990s. It’s not as popular as the traditionally spelled Ryan, but it is another option.

    Can Andrew be a girl name?

    Gender: Andrew is historically a masculine name most commonly used for boys. Feminine variants such as Andrea and Andi are popular among girls.

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