What are Gami injectors?

What are Gami injectors?

GAMIjector® fuel injectors and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors are fuel injection nozzles designed to deliver specific amounts of fuel to each individual cylinder that will compensate for the fuel/air imbalance inherent in the fundamental design of the engine fuel/air systems.

How many degrees is a lean peak?

But not all. LOP requires that once you reach peak EGT you continue to lean the mixture—usually 25 to 50 degrees F on the lean side for normally aspirated engines. There are times—very high power settings for one—when LOP can be harmful to an engine, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be practiced at all.

Are GAMI Injectors worth it?

GAMI has instrumented and flight-tested GAMIjector® fuel injectors in a number of these engines. While they have less uneven mixture distortion than other Continental Motors engines, the GAMIjector® fuel injectors provide noticeable improvement, although not always as much as with bottom-induction engines.

Who is the owner of Gami?

The name of the GAMI: How four friends turned chicken and beer into a $25 million company. GAMI co-founder Jun Lee. Source: Supplied. The origin story of Korean chicken and beer chain GAMI is one co-founder Jun Lee admits isn’t particularly inspirational or profound.

What happens when an engine runs too lean?

If you’ve ever tuned a seriously modified performance car, or even just fiddled with a carburetor, you’ve probably heard an old bit of advice: Running lean will make your engine overheat. It’s good guidance to follow, but it’s a little over-simplified. In fact, a very lean air-fuel mix will make your engine run cooler.

What does Gami mean Korean?

beautiful taste
“Gami means in Korean beautiful taste, so it is literally beautiful tasting chicken and beer.”

Is Gami Chicken Japanese?

Specialising in Korean-style chicken, Gami began in 2006 with the founder ‘Yoon’ in Carnegie. With years of hands on experience with Korean cuisine, Yoon decided to focus on perfecting a recipe for fried chicken & sauces, and sharing one of his country’s favourite foods to the world.

What does Gami mean?

Noun. gami. paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother; a parallel grandparent.

What does Gami mean in Korean?

How do I get the best lean power?

Best power is obtained by gradually leaning until the RPM and airspeed peak in a direct drive engine or until airspeed peaks in a constant-speed propeller engine. If the airplane is equipped with an exhaust temperature gauge, lean to peak then enrich 100º F.

What kind of fuel injectors does Gami offer?

GAMI has developed and certified specifications for a set of precision fuel injectors for almost all engines in the current Continental and Lycoming fleet of fuel injected engines. We have STCs and PMAs on over 300 different engine models! Order your new GAMI jectors here!

Can Gami injectors correct mixture distribution imbalances in Lycoming Engines?

GAMI has gathered data on thousands of these engines, and found that injected Lycomings also have substantial mixture distribution imbalances that could be corrected with GAMIjector® fuel injectors.

What engines are Gami certified for?

GAMI now is certified for almost all normally aspirated Lycoming engines. GAMI has also completed FAA-Certification Testing for the turbo-charged engines and has the STC in hand.

What nozzle size do I get with a Gami kit?

At one time, with most Continental engines, you would get one of two possible nozzle sizes, depending on the “M” or “P” code on the fuel distribution manifold (aka fuel spider). For example, in the IO-520-M, it was D12C or D12D. Depending on which nozzle size you had in the engine, you would get either the GAD12C or GAD12D GAMI kit.

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