What are the most drugs used in poultry farm?

What are the most drugs used in poultry farm?

Major classes of antibiotics include the following:

  • Macrolides (e.g., erythromycin, tylosin)
  • Polypeptides (e.g., bacitracin)
  • Quinolones (e.g., fluoroquinolones)
  • Streptogramins (e.g., virginiamycin)
  • Sulfonamides (e.g., sulfa drugs)
  • Tetracyclines (e.g., chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline)

Can Amprolium be given with antibiotics?

Amprolium is compatible with vitamins, antibiotics, minerals and other ingredients commonly used in poultry ration but it should not be mixed in concentrates containing high levels of choline because of tendency for it to break down into picric acid.

Is decoquinate an ionophore?

It is important to strategically plan changes in coccidiosis control, which also may include non-ionophore products like Deccox® (decoquinate) or Corid® (amprolium). Each of these products works a bit differently and at various stages of the coccidia parasite’s life cycle.

What is goat decoquinate?

Decoquinate is labeled for use in cattle for the prevention of coccidiosis in either ruminating or nonruminating calves, cattle, young sheep, and goats, or broilers caused by Eimeria spp. It may be useful in dogs as prophylactic treatment for coccidiosis and hepatozoonosis.

What antibiotic is best for chickens?

Common antibiotics appropriate for this use are the –mycin and –cycline drugs such as Aureomycin (chlortetracycline), Terramycin (oxytetracycline), Gallimycin (erythromycin), and Duravet. Injectable drugs include Tylan (tylosin) and others. Most oral antibiotics should be used as the only product in the water.

What is Decox?

DECOQUINATE. For beef cattle producers, DECCOX ®Type A Medicated Article is a nonantibiotic medication fed in starting rations for cattle to help prevent coccidiosis.

What is DiMethox for goats?

DiMethox 12.5% solution is my #1 pick for treating coccidiosis effectively. Many producers use this as well. While it comes in liquid and powder form, I prefer liquid drenching to make sure each affected animal is receiving the recommended dosage.

What is BVT in cattle feed?

Description. Southern States Genetic Expression 14% Jump Start (BVT) Medicated is a feed for growing beef cattle including slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle and replacement heifers; formulated with Lasalocid (BVT) for increased rate of weight gain.

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