What boat was in Sea Hunt?

What boat was in Sea Hunt?

The ARGONAUT is the actual 1961 33-foot/10-meter Trojan yacht used by Bridges when he played Mike Nelson in “Sea Hunt.”

What kind of boat did Mike Nelson have in Sea Hunt?

Argonaut is the famous 33 ft TROJAN Express Cabin Cruiser used by Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson in the 1960’s underwater adventure TV series “Sea Hunt.”.

Does Sea Hunt make a bay boat?

Whether you’re running the flats hunting Redfish, or cruising the inter-coastal waterways; our Bay Boats give you the freedom to head out on the water for adventure.

Where in Florida was Sea Hunt filmed?

Silver Springs State Park
Sea hunt was filmed here – Picture of Silver Springs State Park.

Where was the series Sea Hunt filmed?

“Sea Hunt” was a syndicated action-adventure television show that first aired between 1958 and 1962 (filmed 1957-1961) and starred Lloyd Bridges (1913-1998). Produced by Ivan Tors Studios (based in Miami) it filmed in large part in Florida (especially at Silver Springs, as in this image), as well as in California.

Who did the diving in Sea Hunt?

Lloyd Bridges
Lloyd Bridges, the athletic actor who made skin diving popular in his underwater 1950s television series “Sea Hunt” and continued working into his 80s as patriarch of an acting dynasty, died Tuesday. He was 85.

Where is Sea Hunt filmed?

Did Silver Springs Close?

2013Silver Springs / Closed
September 15, 2013 was the last day of operation for Silver Springs as a private entity. It closed its doors after almost 135 years as one of Florida’s most popular attractions.

Where is Lloyd Bridges from?

San Leandro, CALloyd Bridges / Place of birth

Bridges was born in San Leandro, California, to Harriet Evelyn (Brown) Bridges (1893–1950) and Lloyd Vernet Bridges Sr. (1887–1962), who was involved in the California hotel business and once owned a movie theater. His parents were both from Kansas, and of English ancestry.

Where was Sea Hunt filmed in Florida?

When did Lloyd Bridges pass away?

March 10, 1998Lloyd Bridges / Date of death

What is Lloyd Bridges famous for?

Bridges played a wide variety of roles in everything from summer stock to Hollywood films to television series. He achieved wide renown as Mike Nelson, the former Navy frogman who was the mainstay of ”Sea Hunt,” an underwater adventure series that ran for 156 episodes from 1957 to 1961.

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