What color is MgBr2?

What color is MgBr2?

Magnesium bromide (MgBr2) is a chemical compound of magnesium and bromine that is white and deliquescent.

What type of crystal is MgBr2?

Physical Properties The anhydrous MgBr2 is a white crystalline substance; hexagonal crystals; deliquescent; density 3.72 g/cm3; melts at 700°C; highly soluble in water (101.5g/100mL at 20°C); moderately soluble in methanol and ethanol (21.8 and 6.9 g/mL at 20°C, respectively).

What is MgBr2?

Magnesium bromide (MgBr2) IUPAC Name: Magnesium dibromide. CAS Number: 7789-48-2.

Is MgBr2 aqueous or solid?

MgBr2 is soluble in water.

What is the formula for MgBr2?

MgBr2Magnesium bromide / Formula

What happens when magnesium reacts with bromine?

Magnesium and Bromine react to produce Magnesium bromide.

Is MgBr2 polar or nonpolar or ionic?

It’s the MgBr2 molecule’s symmetrical geometry. As a result, the MgBr2 molecule is nonpolar.

Is MgBr2 a metal or nonmetal?

1 Answer. MgBr2 is neither a metal nor a nonmetal. It is an ionic compound composed of the metal magnesium and the nonmetal bromine.

Is MgBr2 metal or nonmetal?

How is MgBr2 ionic?

Magnesium bromide is an ionic compound that is acidic in nature. It is an ionic compound that consists of magnesium ions as the cations and bromide…

How do you write MgBr2?

Magnesium bromide (MgBr2) | Br2Mg – PubChem.

Is MgBr2 ionic?

Answer and Explanation: Magnesium bromide is an ionic compound that is acidic in nature.

Is MgBr2 acid or base?

acidic basic neutral
Salts Debriefing

Ammonium sulfide, (NH4)2S acidic basic neutral
Calcium hypochlorite, Ca(OCl)2 acidic basic neutral
Ethyl ammonium chloride, CH3CH2NH3Cl acidic basic neutral
Magnesium bromide, MgBr2 acidic basic neutral
Methyl ammonium fluoride, CH3NH3F acidic basic neutral

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What is the copyright status of [Mg+2] [BR-]?

[Mg+2]. [Br-]. [Br-] The data from CAS Common Chemistry is provided under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 license, unless otherwise stated. The Thieme Chemistry contribution within PubChem is provided under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, unless otherwise stated. Works produced by the U.S. government are not subject to copyright protection in the United States.

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