What does BSA bikes stand for?

What does BSA bikes stand for?

Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd
BSA First Motorcycle Standing for Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd, BSA was founded in 1861, for the production of firearms.

What CC is a BSA Starfire?

247 cc

1969 BSA Starfire
Manufacturer BSA motorcycles
Predecessor BSA C15
Engine 247 cc (15.1 cu in), air-cooled, unit construction, OHV, four-stroke, single
Bore / stroke 67 mm × 70 mm (2.6 in × 2.8 in)

Are BSA Motorcycles still made?

One of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers of the 1950s and 60s, BSA is set to resume operations almost half a century after it went bankrupt, funded by its new owner, India’s Mahindra & Mahindra, and with a new factory under construction in England.

How fast is a BSA C15?

Top gear 60 mph, with difficulty, at 5200 rpm. Third gear 60 mph more quickly, at 6600 rpm.

How many gears does a BSA C15 have?


Manufacturer BSA Motorcycles Ltd., Armoury Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, England
Ignition type Coil with 60 watt Lucas RM13 alternator
Transmission Four-speed, chain drive
Brakes 6 inches (15 cm) front and rear with full width hubs
Tyres 3.25 x 17″ front and rear

Do BSA still make guns?

BSA Guns is a long established manufacturing company based in Birmingham, UK. It was initially founded in 1861 and is famous for the Lee Enfield . 303 rifle, of which 1.25m were manufactured during World War Two. Following the war, the company has concentrated on air rifle manufacture, which is still its core business.

How much is a BSA Lightning worth?


Excellent $14,675
Very Good $8,980
Good $5,315
Fair $2,710
Poor N/A

Who owns BSA today?

BSA owner, Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra, has said he hopes to “resurrect the British motorbike industry” with plans for the electric model under the BSA brand.

What kind of engine does a 1949 BSA B31 have?

Segment: Clasic The 1949 BSA B31 has at its heart an air-cooled, four-stroke, 348cc, single cylinder powerhouse mated to a four-speed manual transmission that can produce a claimed 22 horsepower at 6000 rpm. It also comes with features such as a telescopic front fork, dual plunger shocks as a rear suspension, a dual seat,…

How much does it cost to restore a BSA B31?

BSA B31 Project – 1954 – 350cc Single. Requires Finishing Nearly complete restoration project. Just the fiddly bits left. finish the wiring (new loom fitted) and a few other small bits. Engine runs. Requires paperwork sorting as no V5. but that’s only a few letters and about £75 in costs.

What kind of bike is a BSA B31?

BSA B31 Re-registered 2004, previously used as a rigid trials bike. Based on the pre-war B29 BSAs rugged and reliable, the B31 was manufactured from 1945 – 59. The BSA B31, introduced in 1945, was the first new model introduced by the company after the Second World War. 1945-59, 348cc, ohv single, 365lb, 80mpg, 75mph.

What is the frame and engine number of the zb31?

Frame is M20 number WM20-19081, Engine is ZB31 number ZB31-14339. Based on the pre-war B29 BSAs rugged and reliable, the B31 was manufactured from 1945 – 59.

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