What does small gift mean?

What does small gift mean?

a present that you give someone to thank them, that is not very expensive. [Example] It’s just a little something to show how much we appreciate your help.

What’s another word for small amount?

Smidgen. This word for a small amount has a large number of variants; we list smidgeon, smidgin, and smidge. There are numerous others, now mostly obscured by the passage of time, such as smitchen, smidging, and smidgion.

What is another name for gifts?

OTHER WORDS FOR gift 1 donation, contribution, offering, benefaction, endowment, bounty, boon, largess, alms, gratuity, tip, premium, allowance, subsidy, bequest, legacy, inheritance, dowry.

How do you say thank you for the gifts?

You can thank the person for what you *do* appreciate about the gift; for example:

  1. “It was so thoughtful of you to bring me something from your vacation!”
  2. “I am so grateful you always think of us around the holidays.”
  3. “I was so surprised to get a package in the mail! It totally made my day.”

What are stocking stuffers?

These small items are often referred to as stocking stuffers or stocking fillers. The tradition of the Christmas stocking is thought to originate from the life of Saint Nicholas.

How do you say something is small?

  1. bitty,
  2. inappreciable,
  3. infinitesimal,
  4. little bitty,
  5. micro,
  6. microscopic.
  7. (also microscopical),
  8. mini,

What is the meaning of something very small?

minuscule. adjective. extremely small in size or amount.

How do you say nice gift?

Synonyms for Nice gift

  1. pleasant gift. n.
  2. good gift. n.
  3. decent gift. n.
  4. good ability. n.
  5. nice bonus. n.
  6. beautiful gift.
  7. best gift.
  8. best present.

What is another word for special gift?

What is another word for gift?

present largesse
special offer subsidy
premium pourboire
charity benevolence
compliment lump

What do you say when giving a gift?

Formal Situations

  1. [Name], I’d like to give you this present/gift.
  2. [Name], This is a present that I/we/staff got you.
  3. I’d like to present you with this… (very formal, used when giving an award or special present)
  4. In the name of [xyz], I’d like to give you this present.
  5. Here is a token of our appreciation.

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