What games can you play on Christmas Eve?

What games can you play on Christmas Eve?

20 Super Fun Games to Play on Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Carol Pictionary.
  • Christmas Movie Trivia.
  • Name That Carol.
  • “Snowball” Throw.
  • Marshmallow Stack.
  • Holiday Preparedness Pop Quiz.
  • Candy Canes.
  • Christmas Guess Who.

What games do you play during your holidays?

10 Holiday Family Games and Activities

  • Wintertime Treasure Hunt.
  • Festive Charades.
  • Santa Limbo.
  • Spoons: Candy Cane Edition.
  • Holiday Guess Who.
  • Snowman Building Competition (Indoors or Out)
  • Marshmallow Jenga.
  • Marshmallow Christmas Trees.

How do you play the solo cup Christmas game?

Holiday Prize Wall Game

  1. How to create a holiday party prize board. First, glue your cups to the poster board in a pattern of your choice.
  2. Next, add the prizes to the cups. Then wrap your pieces of tissue paper over the tops of the cups and secure each with a rubber band.
  3. You’re all set!

How do you play the inflatable reindeer game?

Inflatable reindeer antler ring toss game is a fun game that can be played in 2 ways: One player wear the antler on head, others players toss the rings to the antler. Players can wear this antler on their head and stand face to face, then throw their rings to the antler.

What is the Saran ball game?

But, what is the Saran Wrap Game? It involves a huge ball made up of saran wrap with goodies all through out. The object of the game is to unwrap the big ball of Saran Wrap during your turn in the hopes that some of those prizes fall out during that turn.

How do you play the saran wrap Christmas game?

saran wrap ball game defined It is made up of various prizes wrapped tightly inside a ball of saran wrap. The goal of the game is to unravel the saran wrap to reveal as many prizes as you can during your turn. The prizes you unwrap, you get to keep!

How do you play the Christmas tree punch game?

For the game you can number and let each person pick a number to punch and that keeps the gifts close to the same amount or you can play high low card and whoever gets the highest card gets to punch a cup and keep what is in side. This can be fun for children and adults of all ages.

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