What happened to Geoff and Chantelle?

What happened to Geoff and Chantelle?

In this series Geoff attempts to flirt with Telle, despite the fact their date wasn’t a success last year. Chantelle doesn’t like the fact Geoff keeps lying although in the final episode of the series Telle finally decides to date him and they decide to move in together when they get back to the UK.

Does Chantelle come back to Benidorm?

Hannah’s character Chantelle Garvey disappeared into the sunset with her boyfriend, played by Johnny Vegas, at the end of series three. And the 21-year-old, who was born in Burnley but has lived in Colne for eight years, confirmed she will not return for the fourth series.

Who is Geoffs fiance in Benidorm?

From 2015 to 2016, Brooks in the seventh and eighth series of ITV’s Benidorm, portraying Ionela the fiancée of Geoff Maltby, who was played by Johnny Vegas.

What is the baby called in Benidorm?

Hannah Hobley was just 19 when Benidorm first hit our screens, playing daughter Chantelle “Telle” Garvey to Mick and Janice. It was revealed Chantelle was pregnant during season one, with the teen mum welcoming a baby named Coolio when the family returned to holiday the next year.

Is Hannah Hobley married?

Hannah Hobley (born 9 October 1988) is an English actress and classical singer. She is best known for playing Chantelle “Telle” Garvey in ITV’s Benidorm. She also appeared in Cranford playing Bertha on BBC One, and PBS in the United States….

Hannah Hobley
Years active 2005–2010, 2017–present
Spouse(s) Nathan Smith

Is Noreen Maltby still alive?

She is best known for portraying the role of Noreen Maltby in the ITV hit sitcom Benidorm (2007–2012, 2015–2018)….

Elsie Kelly
Years active 1970s–present
Known for Crossroads The Famous Five Harry and the Wrinklies Benidorm

What is Mateo from Benidorm doing now?

Jake is currently offering paid personalised messages as Mateo via the video service Memmo, tweeting last year: “I hear Mateo is doing a lot of skiving off work to send personalised video messages directly from the Costa Blanca”.

Is Doreen from Benidorm still alive?

Elsie Kelly (born 7 June 1936) is an English actress….

Elsie Kelly
Occupation Actress
Years active 1970s–present
Known for Crossroads The Famous Five Harry and the Wrinklies Benidorm

Who owns Mateos Bar Benidorm?

Derren Litten
New bar (Mateo’s)! New bar (Mateo’s)! For those of you not on Twitter, Derren Litten, the creator/writer of Benidorm, has decided to open a bar in the new town (once the covid-19 regulations have ended) which will be themed around the TV show.

How many British live in Benidorm?


Country Spain UK
Population 46,346 5,235
Percentage 65.2% 7.4%

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