What is a Beretta Vittoria?

What is a Beretta Vittoria?

The new Vittoria series is the first Beretta’s shotgun range specifically designed for women. Developed with our champion lady-shooters for all the women who want to shoot like a star. Based on the 690 platform, Vittoria shotguns feature a dedicated ergonomics to ensure a smooth, comfortable and precise handling.

What shotguns are made by Beretta?


  • Beretta A400 Xcel.
  • Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico.
  • Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus.
  • Beretta A400 Xplor Action.

Does Browning make a side by side?

The Browning BSS is a solid American-style side-by-side that would make a fine addition to anyone’s shotgun collection. Their prices are more affordable than some options, less affordable than others. The BSS has a niche and fills it well. It is definitely a viable option in today’s used side-by-side market.

Is Beretta Silver Pigeon a good gun?

The 686 Silver Pigeon I 20-gauge is not a competition skeet gun. It was built for hunting. It is light and lively, easy carrying, a joy to shoot, and has especially good looks. Beretta makes a whole fleet of over/under models, but the Silver Pigeon I is one of their least expensive, despite all of its qualities.

Who made side by side shotguns?

Remington made side-by-side shotguns under the Parker name until around 1947. In all, just over 242,000 Parker shotguns were built.

Is the Beretta 686 a good shotgun?

How much does the Beretta BRX1 cost?

1599 euro
Beretta BRX1 specs and price

Model: Beretta BRX1
Price: 1599 euro
Calibers: Various (.308 Win, .30-06 as well as .300 WIn. Mag., 6.5 Creedmoor) – More calibers to follow
Magazine Capacity: 5+1 rounds
Overall Length: 43.11”/1095 mm (with 22”/57 cm barrel)

Does Beretta make a 308?

Beretta T3x Tac A1 308 Win Bolt-Action Precision Rifle with 24-Inch Barrel.

Are side by side shotguns good for hunting?

But even after 200 years of firearms innovation the side-by-side shotgun remains a viable option for upland hunters. Top-quality doubles require more hand-fitting and tuning than the average pump, semiauto or over/under, and that means good side-by-sides cost more to build.

Does Mossberg make side by side shotguns?

The Mossberg Silver Reserve II Side by Side Shotgun is packed with features that will impress new and seasoned shooters alike. Complete with a Black Walnut Stock, Silver Receiver Finish with Scroll Engravings, and a full set of Field Chokes for excellence in form and function.

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