What is a locked post on Fandom?

What is a locked post on Fandom?

That’s when your post is not allowed, when it doesn’t follow the rules. Then, nobody can reply to your post and it’s delete after.

How do you take down a post on Fandom?

To delete a page, hover over the three vertical dots next to the “Edit” button at the top of the page, then click “Delete”. On the next page, you will see a box labeled “Delete”. The “Reason” drop-down has pre-written reasons for deleting the page.

How do you comment on Fandom 2021?

Step 1: Within the wiki space, if there are multiple pages, choose the specific wiki page from the list on the right. Step 2: Click the Comment button and type your comment in the box. Step 3: Click Add. All comments are listed from oldest to newest.

Are Fandom images copyrighted?

Your Copyright on Wikis When you contribute to a Fandom wiki, you retain the copyright to your edits, although you agree to license them under the terms of the CC BY-SA license. New wikis and the vast majority of existing wikis use the CC BY-SA license.

How does fandom make money?

Fandom, Inc. derives its income from advertising and sold content, publishing most user-provided text under copyleft licenses. The company also runs the associated Fandom editorial project, offering pop-culture and gaming news.

How old do you have to be to be on fandom?

In addition, the Services are intended solely for users who are: In California and the EEA (excluding the UK), 16 or older; or. In the rest of the world (including the UK), 13 or older.

Why is Fandom so toxic?

The toxic fans’ sense of their own superiority over non-fans and casual fans is caused by them associating fandom of the thing they like and intelligence or depth. The sad thing is, the fans who screech the loudest about how smart liking something makes them are actually the least intelligent of the fans of that thing.

Are fandoms bad?

There is nothing wrong with fandom culture. There is nothing wrong with being a fan. It is perfectly fine and alright to identify with a fandom, but there is a standard of behavior that needs to be met and understood.

Is Tokyo Ghoul copyrighted?

Except where otherwise specified, the text on Wikia sites is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA). Read the full legal code of the license.

Can a 12 year old use Fandom?

RedIgnite wrote: If you’re under 13, you can create an account only if you provided your parent’s email and you do not reveal your actual age or anything personal. We shouldn’t encourage underage users to violate COPPA since it’s not a good idea to encourage users to do things they shouldn’t be doing.

What are the rules of Fandom?

Call them the Three Laws, call them basic common sense, call them what you want. It all comes down to acceptance, tolerance, respect – taken together, a foolproof recipe for a safe and inclusive fandom experience.

Which K-pop fandom is toxic?

However, according to common belief, BLACKPINK has the most venomous fans while talking about in the K-pop industry. They’re known as Blinks, and their toxicity is so high that they’ve been known to make death threats to anybody who criticises their favourite band.

Who are toxic fans?

Toxic fandom is a buzzword that has been used in recent years by journalists, news outlets, and others to identify popular culture fans who engage in behaviors that are considered negative and unacceptable.

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