What is an auto drain ball valve?

What is an auto drain ball valve?

Automatic Drain Valves are an important safety feature for compressed air applications with downstream pneumatic equipment. A conventional shut off valve can trap compressed air in pneumatic equipment, which could create a potentially dangerous situation.

How do automatic drain valves work?

They work by allowing the condensate to gravity feed into the valves condensation reservoir. When the liquid in the reservoir rises to a point where the float lifts off the seats, control air pressure is sent to the pneumatic piston to open the normally closed ¾ ported ball valve.

How does auto drain work?

An Automatic drain is a 2/2 valve which closes when the system is pressurised. The Drain opens when liquid accumulates and causes the float to rise, and on depressurisation.

What is a locked open valve?

The Locked open valves are a kind of isolation valves on the inlet and outlet of a PSV that must remain open during normal operation in order that they can protect the equipment on which they are mounted. Unintentional or accidental closure of those valves during normal operation could prove catastrophic consequences.

What is lock open and lock close?

Locked open / closed means just that, i.e. to open a padlock that is kept secure and opened only against work permits, etc.

How does a ball drip valve work?

Under fire conditions, water pressure from a fire department pumper pumping into the FDC automatically closes this valve. When the pressure ceases, the ball drip automatically re–opens, permitting this piping to drain and thereby preventing freezing.

What is auto drain trap?

Auto Drain Trap Mellcon Auto Drains are most economical, simple & maintenance free systems. The compressed Air / Gas contains Inherent moisture which will condense in receiver tanks, filters and pipelines, which requires regular draining systems. Auto Drains are available in two options namely: ELECTRONIC TIMER DRAIN.

How does auto drain water trap work?

The Air Lift Auto Drain Water Trap will automatically purge when the collected condensation reaches a certain level. Once the internal float reaches a certain height, the valve at the bottom of the trap will open and the pressure from the tank will cause the condensation to purge automatically.

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