What is NAV tag in CSS?

What is NAV tag in CSS?

Definition and Usage. The tag defines a set of navigation links. Notice that NOT all links of a document should be inside a element. The element is intended only for major block of navigation links.

Do I put NAV in head?

It’s completely up to you. You can either put them in the header or not, as long as the elements within them are internal navigation elements only (i.e. don’t link to external sites such as a twitter or facebook account) then it’s fine.

Can I have two navs?

Yes, absolutely. You can have multiple header , nav , and footer tags sans penalty.

Does NAV go outside body?

It terms of the implicit use of NAV you can use it anywhere there is grouped site navigation, although it’s usually omitted from the “footer” section for mini-navs / important site links. Really it comes down to personal / team choice.

Does NAV go inside body?

The tag is used inside the tag . This may happen if is very small and if the content of tag is used to identify the different web content. In such cases, the is usually taken inside of the tag.

What assets should I list on the CSS Profile?

Similar to the Parent Asset section, this section asks about assets that are in the student’s name. Remember that, unlike the FAFSA, student assets are generally valued higher with the CSS Profile. In this section, you should list the amount of cash in your bank accounts, retirement accounts, and investment funds.

What does the CSS Profile look for?

The CSS Profile uses “Institutional Methodology”, which takes a more rounded look at a student’s financial situation, looking at factors such as home value, non-custodial parent income, and medical expenses. The CSS Profile also considers special circumstances that affect your ability to pay for school.

What documents do I need to complete the CSS Profile?

To make completing the CSS Profile easier, get your documents together before you start filling it out. You’ll need the following documents for yourself and, if you’re a dependent, for your parents as well: -Last year’s tax returns -W-2s and income records from both this year and last year

What is the CSS Profile for financial aid?

When it comes to applying for financial aid, most schools and the federal government use the FAFSA to figure out their award packages. But some schools, around 250 to be more exact, use the CSS Profile, which was created by the College Board and looks at student aid from a different perspective.

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