What is repti calcium used for?

What is repti calcium used for?

Repti Calcium® is an ultra fine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement. It is a phosphorus-free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians. It has a unique shape/high surface area per gram resulting in increased calcium bioavailability.

Do Tortoises need calcium powder?

Do Tortoises Need Calcium Supplements Or Calcium Powder? So, it should, by now, be fairly obvious that tortoises need some sort of additional source of calcium in their diets. Fortunately, there is a wide-range of both powders and supplements out there that you can give your tortoise.

Should I use calcium with or without D3?

D3 is a vitamin, and a very vital one for lizards. Without vitamin D3, reptiles cannot use calcium, no matter how much of it is provided in their diet. This calcium deficiency leads to metabolic bone disease, which can cause a whole host of severe issues through poor bone formation.

Can you put calcium powder in reptiles water?

It will just clump up in water into a sort of cement that can cause impaction. You can buy a liquid calcium supplement with a dropper. I would go with that.

How do you give reptile calcium?

How can I give a calcium supplement to my reptile? Calcium supplements usually come in the form of a powder. This can be added to food items that are already part of your reptiles menu. For plant-eaters, the powder can be sprinkled on veggies before a meal.

Why is my tortoise poop white?

When the tortoise urinates, it will pass the liquid urine and the semi-solid urates at the same time. A tortoise may urinate and defecate at the same time, which may leave urate deposits on the fecal material. This will make the feces appear as if it is white or off-white.

Can tortoises get too much calcium?

A tortoise can have too much calcium, but this is rarely acknowledged. Too much calcium can result in the calcification of certain body parts. Calcification occurs when there’s a buildup of calcium in soft tissues, organs, and blood cells.

What happens if you take calcium everyday?

Consuming more than 2,000 mg of calcium a day from your diet or supplements is also linked to an increased risk of kidney stones, according to the Institute of Medicine ( 2 ). Other sources say that the risk of kidney stones increases when calcium intake exceeds 1,200–1,500 mg per day ( 28 ).

Can reptiles overdose on calcium?

Reptiles are possibly able to self-regulate their calcium intake, but they’re less able to do so with D3, and can accidentally overdose.

Can you give reptiles too much calcium?

Calcium deficiency in reptiles is a major contributing factor in Metabolic Bone Disease. We also know that there is such a thing as too much calcium, which causes a condition known as Hypercalcemia. Hypocalcemia can cause serious health issues in reptiles, such as renal failure.

Do reptiles need calcium powder?

All reptiles require the mineral calcium from their diet. Calcium is primarily used to build and maintain bones in the body but has other metabolic functions as well.

Why is my tortoise hissing?

Since all turtles are vocal cord-free, the notion of them hissing might seem rather bizarre and implausible. However, the hissing sound you hear when a turtle retreats back into his shell is actually just air being expelled. In order to fit inside their shells properly, turtles’ lungs need to emit air quickly.

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