What is the best invention of a Filipino scientist?

What is the best invention of a Filipino scientist?

Filipino invention #1: Bamboo incubator The modern medical incubator addresses this; however, not all people who need it have access to such technology. This is a particularly serious problem in rural areas, where such devices are generally inaccessible.

WHO identified 10 outstanding Filipino scientist who made significant contributions in Philippines Science?

Lee-Chua (2000) identified 10 outstanding Filipino scientists who have made significant contributions in Philippine science. These scientists are also famous abroad in different science disciplines: agriculture, mathematics, physics, medicine marine science, chemistry, engineering and biology.

Who invented video phone?

Gregorio Y. Zara
Gregorio Y. Zara (8 March 1902 – 15 October 1978) was a Filipino engineer and physicist best remembered for inventing the first two-way video telephone. Zara’s video telephone invention enabled the caller and recipient to see each other while conversing, laying the foundation for video-conferencing.

Who is the famous Filipino scientist?

Josefino C. Josefino Comiso as the pride of Filipinos who is an outstanding Filipino Scientist at NASA. It includes an account of his recognition as one of the world’s leading experts on sea ice, polar processes, and satellite remote sensing.

Who are some Filipino scientists and their discoveries?

Gregorio Zara – famous Filipino scientist Gregorio Y Zara Prescillano Zamora is best known for his research in plant anatomy-morphology including the taxonomy of Philippine ferns and the discovery of more fern species.

What are the top 10 Filipino inventions?

– Filipino invention #1: Bamboo incubator. – Filipino invention #2: Erythromycin. – Filipino invention #3: Challenge 21. – Filipino invention #4: Mango flowering. – Filipino invention #5: The PC chipset.

Who are the top 10 Filipino scientists and their contributions?

Filipino Physicists and their inventions Gregorio Y. Zara Gregorio Y. Zara was a Filipino engineer and physicist. He was the inventor of the first two-way videophone. He was born on March 8, 1902 at Lipa, Batangas and he died on October 15, 1978 at the aged of 76. MR. RENE

What are the latest Filipino inventions?

kutsinta is a type of steamed rice cake ( puto) found throughout the Philippines.

  • Taho is a Filipino snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu,arnibal (sweetener and flavoring),and sago pearl (similar to tapioca pearls ).
  • Nata de coco was originally invented in 1949 by Teodula K.
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