What is the cutoff for THC in the military?

What is the cutoff for THC in the military?

15 ng/mL
The DoD cut-off for THC is 15 ng/mL.

What if you fail your drug test at MEPS?

What is this? If you fail the military drug test as an applicant looking to enlist, you still have a chance to retake the test after 90 days at a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS). However, if you fail the test twice, you will be permanently disqualified, and will not be able to serve in any military branches.

How long is a MEPS drug test good for?

Your MEPS physical is good for two years.

Do they blood test for drugs at MEPS?

Medical Evaluation at MEPS You will take a blood and urine test (including a test for drugs). Females will be tested for pregnancy. Your blood will be tested for HIV, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RPR, and alcohol.

How long does a military drug test take to get back?

The results for negative specimens are typically released within 3 business days and positive results are typically released within five business days from when they are accessioned at the laboratory.

How do you get out of a failed drug test in the military?

Generally speaking, applicants to the military are able to retake a failed drug test when at a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS). Depending on the branch of service, recruits who test positive for drugs may be able to reapply 90 days after their previous test.

How do you beat a positive military drug test?

There are a few ways to fight a positive military drug test. The most common defense is to prove the substance in question was ingested unknowingly. The government must provide adequate evidence against the defendant to prove the positive result was due to conscious ingestion of the illicit substance.

How far back do military drug test go?

6 answers. They perform Drug Test at least 3 different times from when you first enlist to when you graduate. About thirty days depending on body composition and what youre trying to clear from your system. That being said, they only test about 5-10% of the unit each month so take that as you will.

How far back does a urine test detect?

Illicit substances are detectable for only five to 10 days in urine; whereas, hair drug tests can detect drug or alcohol use for up to 90 days. Blood testing is very accurate, but costly and invasive. It does have a shorter detection period (minutes to hours), however.

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